Elsie McGhie – My Mother

April 15, 1925 – Jun 18, 1979

She left my life way to soon!

Floyd Polk – Lyn’s Father


March 6, 1918 – April 22, 1991

Jack McGhie – My Father


July 14, 1925 – March 8, 2003

In Memory of my Father
He is now at peace in Heaven

We miss you Dad, our Love remains Forever

Michael G. McGhie – My Brother

June 28, 1952 – June 19, 2007

Loved and missed by many

Mary Polk – Lyn’s Mother


March 3, 1922 – June 19, 2013

Many years of Memories, she is now at peace.

Loved and missed by her children, James, Lyn, Sharon & Ralph

Thomas J. McGhie – My Brother


March 29, 1950 – October 30, 2015

Lyn Polk McGhie – My Beloved Bride of over 40 Years

April 10, 1944 – April 16, 2018

In the Words of Scott’s wife Morgan..
My mother-in-law Lyn passed away this afternoon after her long and strong battle with cancer. She was hands down the sweetest and most loving person. She welcomed me with open arms into her family. She called to ask me questions about Judaism to make sure a gift for a grandchild would be appropriate for Hanukkah. She spoiled my kids rotten (like every grandmother does!) with toys, candy, trips to McDonalds, and many blankets to make sure the kids are warm and cozy. She came to school functions, belt testing, dance recitals, soccer games, and even did carpool with joy and love. She also raised an amazing son who I am lucky to call my husband. This was a woman who never had a mean bone in her body, exemplified strength and courage through her cancer battle, and is the epitome of love. The world lost one of the best today.


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  1. April McGhie says:

    We ALL loved and continue to love our father & dearly miss our brothers. As much greatness they have done while alive with us, they are continuing to observe & guide us in our travels.
    Love always & forever~April

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