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With much sadness I must say that my beloved Bride passed away on 4/16/18 and was buried on 4/19/18 here in GA

We were married for over 40 years (together for 43) and I so greatly miss my partner.  Lyn was originally from Texas and I am from Michigan.  We moved out to New Hampshire in 1990 and lived there for 24 years.  In July of 2014 we both retired and moved to Savannah Georgia.  We have four grown children, Leesa is near Dallas Texas, while Joe and Sharon all have their own families back in Michigan.  The youngest is Scott who is 36 and lives with his family in Savannah GA.   We have 12 grandchildren and 4 Great grandchildren.



Lyn retired from riding back along 2015 but I am still riding, though much less than I used too   I presently have a 2016 Ural Gear Up and a 2011 BMW F650 GS.   I sold (traded) my 2012 Gold Wing for the Ural in 2016.   I enjoy Adventure Riding and Long Distance riding (now retired)  I am a current Iron Butt member.

In 2015, we started back into camping, buying a new Forest River Flagstaff 21FBRS Travel Trailer and a new 2015 Dodge Ram Hemi truck to tow it.  We have been unable to get out this past year and with Lyn’s passing, I will likely sell the travel trailer and convert the truck bed into a mini camper for me and the dog.  I have already ordered a CAP.

We were both are into shooting.   I presently have a KelTec P3AT (.380), Ruger LC22 (.22), Ruger LC9, Ruger SR9c, (both 9mm) and a Sig SP 2022 in 9mm.   Lyn had a Ruger SP101 (.357magnum), S&W 637 Airweight (.38) and a Ruger LCR in .22.   I also have a small collection of vintage clones.  These include a Flintlock rifle and pistol (which I am building now), A Hawken percussion and a pair of percussion pistols.  I am presently looking to acquire an 1873 Colt Clone and an 1873 Winchester Lever clone.

Lyn was very much into reading, you would usually find her Kindle (or 2) near by!  She was also into crocheting!   She enjoyed this very much, took  several classes and made lots of nice “stuff”

Pat is into Photography and Ham Radio.  Check out http://patrickmcghie.com for my photo Website.   I was licensed as a Technician in Oct of 2011.  Once settled in GA and becoming active here with the radio club, I decided to upgrade my license.  In 2016, I tested for and passed my General and a few months later upgraded to Amateur Extra, the top level license.   Currently active in ARES, Emergency Radio Operator at Memorial Hospital in Savannah and just received my GA ARES Certification and ID.

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