Lyn’s Activities

Lyn’s activities were not as intense as mine, nor did they require the same level of equipment and expense. ¬† ūüôā ¬† ¬†What is important is that they occupy her time and that she enjoys them!


Lyn loved to read, always has.   She enjoys mystery novels and some of her favorite authors are: James Patterson, Patricia Cornwall, John Locke and JD Robb.

Lyn did all her reading via the Kindle by Amazon. ¬†I bought her one of the early Kindle E-Readers back in 2010, later upgrading to the Tablet model Kindle Fire after that was released. ¬†That was the 7″ Kindle Fire which I got her for Xmas in 2011 and for Xmas in 2013, gave her the larger Fire HD 8.9″ unit which is what she has today.

She would often be seen with her Kindle, especially if she is waiting somewhere! ¬†She added a “paperwhite” reader to her collection for use outdoors at camping for example.¬† I am sure she is still reading in Heaven!!!

Estate Sales

“An estate sale or estate liquidation is a sale or auction to dispose of a substantial portion of the materials owned by a person who is recently deceased or who must dispose of his or her personal property to facilitate a move.”

Lyn had started attending these back in 2015. ¬† There is a local Estate Sale Manager that we are now on the email list. ¬† There are often one or more every week and Lyn would go down and “Shop”. ¬†This is as much just looking around as it is with intent to purchase but she has found a few things. ¬†When we receive a notice it will include the days and hours, some photos and directions.

She also enjoyed yard sales, craft shows and 2nd hand shops so this shopping has been in her DNA for a while.  Not necessarily buying a lot, it is something that she enjoyed doing and that is the most important thing!


In the past, Lyn had been involved in various craft activities.  She had lost interest in recent years so most of the craft items were given away before we moved to GA.   After being here a while, she was looking for something to do and decided that she would like to start to crochet.

She signed up for a class at Michaels but that did not work out as the instructor forgot to show up!  (Do you believe that?)  She told them to forget it and went and took a beginner class at Jo-Ann Fabrics.   Her first project was to make a scarf which came out well, she then decided to try a 2 color Afghan.  That also came out well.  She followed that with a 2nd scarf  and she is now making a scarf for her sister and then planning to do another Afghan.

She was looking for more classes and in early 2016 has taken 3 more at J-Ann’s.




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