MATF – Atlanta

MATF = Mutual Aid Task Force

This is a quarterly meeting of all the representatives involved in the various Hospital Regions in GA.   I am affiliated with Region J which includes Memorial Hospital in Savannah, which is where I operate from.   I recently attended a Region J meeting and also participated in the Region J Simulated Emergency Exercise.

This meeting meeting includes seminars throughout the day and is attended by people from the Regions, the State EMA, the GHA (GA Hospital Assoc) and many emergency management personnel.

I left home “early” in the morning, met Steve (EC Chatham Co.) my superior in the Hospital and ARES Radio group, in the town of Dublin.   We then drove to Forsyth, just outside Atlanta.  The even was held at the GA Public Safety Training Center.   It was educational, informative and I felt worth attending.  We adjourned at 2:30 and I then drove home.   A long day start to end but I enjoyed it.

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Dance Recital

No, Not Mine!!!   Harper had her annual Dance Recital at the Arts Center and Savannah Country Day.   Each year it is amazing how much she progresses, I can still remember the 1st one that we attended.  She was in 3 separate routines and did well in all of them.  I enjoyed the event and seeing everyone that day.  It was a little emotional without Lyn for me.  She loved these and this was the 1st time I attended without her by my side.  Afterwards, we all went out for Frozen Yogurt.

Here are  a few photos….

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The Theme for the weekly challenge on the Nikon Forum (starting 5/30 was “Flower”  Each person is allowed one entry and based on “likes”, the top entries go to a final.

This was my entry….

I was fortunate enough to make the finals and in the vote for the winner, I collected 70% of the votes for the Win!  During this process, a fellow photographer told me he liked it very much.  He also showed me a modification he did (cleaning up some of the distractions.  It looked really nice so I tried to duplicate it myself and was pleased with my results.

It also got me thinking about a process I developed to make a photo look a bit like and oil painting.   It has been well over a year so I thought I would try that again…    Here are 3 samples..

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Region J Exercise

Yesterday I participated in the Region J GA Hospital Coalition Simulated Emergency Exercise.   The event was a Hurricane coming from the Gulf so the effects hit the center of the State and Patient evacuation would be towards on near the coast.

I was working out of Memorial Hospital in Savannah, which is the Region Coordinating Hospital.  We actually had a team of 5 working the event with us and we logged in other Hospital check ins and passed messages back & forth.  in a couple cases, where a Hospital could not reach us we had to work via Relay.

It went well, we learned a lot…   and we were highly commended for our professionalism and ability to get communications in and out…     Later in the month I will be attending a statewide seminar in Atlanta.

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Photography Update

Well, I am attempting to get a little more active with the camera.  One of the tests is pure volume…

Jan 12, Feb 94 (a lot were 3D prints), Mar 24, Apr 87 and this month up to 167.  I have made trips to the refuge and also started participating in the Nikon Challenge Events.   It fills good to get more active and hopefully the trend will continue.   It is something I enjoy and especially wildlife, find it relaxing.

Here are some examples from this month….

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Truck Camper

I have decided to sell our Camper, I would not be using it without Lyn.  My plan is to make a mini camp area in the bed of the truck.  I pulled the Extang hard tonneau cover and ordered a Leer Cap model 180.   The Extang was sold on the 22nd and on the 23rd I had the Leer Cap installed.   Pleased with it, I am now looking at options for the build in the back end.   It will have a pad for bed and some storage areas, likely totes to start but hope to have a fabricated areas.

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Ella’s Graduation

May 23 was Ella’s Graduation from Pre-School at the JEA (Jewish Education Alliance).   They had a very nice little program and all the kids were so cute.  Ella especially but then I may be slightly biased…   🙂

Everyone was there, Scott, Morgan & kids, Dave and Lynn Reeves..   Everyone except for my Lyn.   I broke down a bit near the end, Lyn loved these events and I was saddened not having her here with me.

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RTE Forkesville PA

This is the 2nd RTE this month….     I drove the Jeep and departed May 18th, a Friday.   I drove to Harrisburg where I stayed for the night.  My friend, Bruce Gary, from NH met me here and spent some time together at dinner.    The drive up was all rain, and between that and stopping as I was tired, it took me 13 1/2 hours to get there.

Saturday morning, it was raining hard and we got up and grabbed a quick breakfast.  I headed on to Forkesville while Bruce went to get a couple Tour of Honor Sites.  Upon arrival, Rob and Sal were already there on the porch.   I joined them and we “kicked the tires” as we waited for the others to arrive.  There was only 8 due to timing and also some for the rain.  We had a great time and a great lunch!    I departed and drove to Carlisle PA to stop for the night, about 4 hours out.

I had trouble sleeping so got up quite early and hit the road for home.  I hit very heavy fog early and then clear until approaching SC where the rains began again.   It was an 11 1/2 day when I arrived home…

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Head Stone Ordered…

May 15th I went and visited the grave site again, then over to DePue Monument to order the Headstone.   It will be about 8 weeks so I wanted to get the process started.   They will order the granite and work on the design while we wait for the stone to come in.

This is the first draft….   I have a few adjustments but it gives you a general idea..

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Mother’s Day 2018

This was a rough day for me…   My Mom has been gone since 1979 but I have never been totally alone with my wife Lyn with me…   Until this year…

It was a rough day for me…   spent the entire day alone, went out early and visited Lyn’s grave site.   I spent the rest of the day home by myself and it was a depressing to say the least.  I tried to call the other Mothers in the family to wish them well and was able to reach all but one.

This was one of those days that I wish I was not alone….   But that is life…   I guess that is what phones are for!

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RTE Uvalda GA

May 12th was the 1st of 2 RTE’s (Ride to Eat) this month.   It was being held somewhat local at Benton Lee Steak House in Uvalda GA.   I had planned to ride the BMW to this as it was only a couple hours away but when I went for a test ride, it is just not running well.  Obviously, from the long (2 year) idle period.   I treated it with Sea Foam but still no go so it will have to go to the shop and I drove the truck instead.

It was really a good time, there were about 20 people and so many friends that I had not seen in 2 years or more…   Look forward to more of these…

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Grief Counseling

On May 10th, I attended my first grief counseling session provided by Hospice Savannah.   It is a group session for those who lost Spouse/Partners.  1st time, I did not know what to expect but felt comfortable and intended to return.

The following week, it seemed to be helping and while I plan to continue attending, I will miss the 24th as I have a Region J Hospital meeting.  My next session will be May 31st.

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New Cowboy Gun

I have been looking at the Cowboy guns, Single Action clones of the 1873 Colt.   I found one here local in .45 Colt and was able to trade a Ruger revolver that we have not used in years for in.  I have already had it out to the range and it was fun, though I really need more practice!

It is a Ruger New Vaquero, 4 3/4″ barrel ….     and .45 Colt

Note the size of the .45 Colt rounds to a .38 Special

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Ham Radio Club

May 7th, I attended my 1st CARS (Coastal Amateur Radio Society) club meeting in the better part of a year…    I enjoyed getting out and seeing all the folks again.   I have enjoyed the club very much and look forward to getting back active again.   I attended their Swap Meet last Month, will attend the next meeting (regular and Board) and then we have Field Day next month.

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Trying to get back out…

One of the things I need to do now is try to get myself back out and into activities.   I have already made 2 photo trips to the refuge and yesterday I took the Ural out and went to the clubs Ham Swap Meet.   It is nice to get out and be around some people.   Next week I have a Ride To Eat (RTE) in Uvalda GA and the following weekend, I will be heading up to PA for the MTF Forkesville RTE.

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