New Radio “Stuff”

I recently added 2 items to my Ham Radio Gear.   1st up is a “Hotspot”, it is like my own personal repeater for several Digital modes.  With this, I can tap into DStar or DMR talk groups using a hand held radio and talk around the world.   I have 2 of them now, one I built is only DStar and the 2nd is a multimode similar to the new one.  The new one offers small size, built in wifi and accessible online Dashboard for control.  It is also only Half the price of the others.   It is call a ZumSpot and I bought a kit…   The last photo shows all 3 together…

Took me a few hours to program the device and then a bit more time to program the radios to work with it.  Then to make it more complex, I picked up another Radio, a used Kenwood D74A dual band with DStar.   I then had to program it for all 3 devices..


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Trailer Sold!

I hemmed & hawed back & forth on selling the travel trailer…    I knew I should but just never pulled the trigger.   Well, that changed.   A couple weeks back I went down and pulled a few things out.  I sat inside a bit, just looking around and remembering the good times Lyn and I had…   relaxing and peaceful.   It was an emotional moment, then went next door to the dealers and discussed them selling it on consignment.   They agreed to do it so we signed an agreement and the next week I drove back down with the extra keys and the hitch.

Surprised Saturday when I had a message to call them, assuming there was a problem.  Nope, they told me it was sold!!   I went down Monday, signed over the title and picked up my check.

Cross another item off my list of projects…..

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School Starts!

The Kids (Jack, Harper and Ella) all started school on August 2nd…   Here are some pictures…

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Headstone Installed!!

Monday I received a photo and email that the headstone was installed at Lyn’s grave.   The vases for each side are backordered but they wanted to get the main part installed and I was glad they did.

I immediately drove down to see it and was very pleased…  just what I wanted…

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Medical Procedure…

We have been searching for what caused my Hemoglobin to drop so low (I STILL say stress and lousy diet worrying about and caring for Lyn).  Anyway, to bring everyone up to date.  They found low iron (as in ZERO) so released me and put me on iron pills..    Numbers were slowly climbing and then took a dip which concerned both me and the Dr.  A stool sample indicated blood so we scheduled a Colonoscopy.   In speaking with that Dr, he indicated the last one I had showed a couple enlarged blood vessels which “may” be the culprit.

Prior, we did another blood screening and it was great…  all numbers good or improved including kidney function and Hemoglobin was the highest in over a year!  GOOD News!

Then, on the 17th, I had the colonoscopy done and the results were again good!!  No Cancer, No Polyps and he saw an enlarged blood vessel (not bleeding) which he repaired…

All is good though we will continue to monitor blood ….

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No, we are not throwing them….  they are placed in the ground Lyn’s cousin Trissy and her husband Randy spent some time visiting to see Lyn at Hospice. (They were here the day that she passed.  One of Lyn’s suggested donations was Hospice House and they saw a brochure where you could purchase a Memorial Brick.   They asked me and I said it was a great idea…

On the 9th of July, I got a letter from Hospice House stating that the brick was installed in the walkway area so I went down the next day and took a photo.   I sent that off to Randy and Trissy and again thanked them…

I posted a picture online the next day and Janice from Rolling Thunder asked about a brick in the Memorial Walk at the Vets Cemetery?   I told her PLEASE, I had forgotten all about that option and the President confirmed that they would make it happen…

Thanks Rolling Thunder NH

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Cooking Wars!

Well, they are not really wars, just me getting back into cooking better meals for me and my health.   This has involved the new toaster oven, Air Fryer and the slow cooker…    So far I have done good and overall pleased…

These are some of my stuff from the air fryer…  chicken, fries & fish & chips!

I have made a couple meals in the slow cooker…   a Pot Roast and a Pork loin wrapped in bacon..

I also got back into smoking meat…    Got the smoker all cleaned up and did a brisket, boston butt for pulled pork and and also through on a steak & 2 chicken breasts to complete the cook.   I must admit, I enjoyed this and so far the pork, steak and chicken have  been delicious.  Need to try the brisket next.

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4th of July

The 4th was tough at times for me this year.   Though we did not usually go to Fireworks, we were usually  home together with me cooking on the Grill…     First 4th of July with  me being without her…   (tears as I type this too).   To top that off, I received back the memory book from the funeral home on the 3rd.   Joe had it to handle the “Thank You’s” which I greatly appreciated …   It was an emotional moment when I opened that..

Maggie and I headed out early and visited Lyn at the cemetery..     it was a nice visit and I talked to her quite a bit…   then Maggie and I visited the dog park which is close by.

Later in the day, I went over to Scott and Morgan’s house for Low Country Boil Dinner along with her parents and her sisters family.   It was nice family time that I enjoyed.

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13 Colonies

Each year (10 years now) there is a radio event called “The 13 Colonies” Special Event.   Each of the Original 13 Colonies (NH, NY, CT, DE, NJ, NC, SC, MD, VA, GA, RI, MA, PA) has operators broadcasting throughout 4th of July Week.   This was my 3rd year of participating, in 2016 I got a “Clean Sweep”, all 13 along with 1 of the 2 bonus stations (Philly and England).   Last year, I again got all 13 for the “Clean Sweep” but this time got Both of the Bonus stations..

This year, I again got the “Clean Sweep” and both bonus stations.  It took me until the 3rd to get NC, it was the tough one for me.  Now I need to do the paperwork and send it in…

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My Photgraphy…

This month was way more productive than past months…   I took 230 pictures this month and less then 400 total the previous 5 months.   602 photos this year (1st 6 months) and only 460 last 6 months of 2017.

I have had several trips to the refuge, a boating trip, field day, some of the grand kids and some around the house.


I even entered a picture in the Weekly Nikon Challenge (Flower) and finished 1st with 70% of the votes!

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Reclaiming Real Estate

Well, that is what I call it anyway.   It refers to me getting organized, decluttered and re-arranging space so it is usable for me.   I was overwhelmed by all that needed to be done and just could not figure out how to get it all going at once.  Earlier this month, I set back and realized I needed to just focus on one thing at a time, and that seemed to allow me to focus.

1st areas, front bedroom closet…   I needed the space and needed to clean out paperwork and re-locate the safe.   2nd would be the medical supplies stashed in the bedroom, dining room and living room.  Lastly, we would recover the kitchen area, counter, cupboards and then the Pantry.

It actually went well once I had broken it down into chunks that I could handle.   The front closet went fairly quickly, took me longer to go through all the paperwork.   I followed that with the med supplies in the bedroom, throwing most of it out but keeping normal usage gauze, tape and wound ointments.   I put the keepers in a drawer.  Also cleaned off the dresser top and put all the Stuffed Bears back on display.

I did a couple other areas, sort of out of order, but only because I entered them.  Desk in Dining Room, had to pay some bills and went to look for checks…   decided to clean and organize!  DONE!   I was looking for something in a kitchen drawer, it was a mess..   Fixed!  DONE

I then got all the med stuff done, dining area done and ready for the kitchen.   One thing I realized, I needed to make things simple for me to cook..   so I decided to get a Toaster Oven, Air Fryer and a small griddle.  I had a large griddle that I gave to Scott, and gave the Ninja to Katie who helps with housecleaning.   I re-arranged completely the counters and the Bakers Rack.  All of the unused appliances can be on the Bakers rack, close by and easy to find plus frees up counter space.   I went through all the cookbooks and gave away most, only keeping what I felt I would use.   Lastly, I tackled the Pantry…   I threw out so much, moved stuff to cupboards that I freed up and re-organized it off.   The transition was complete on  June 24th.   I was actually very pleased with the transformation and have enjoyed working in the kitchen.



I have been pleased with the new appliances also…  especially the Air Fryer…


I have made pancakes on the griddle, fish & chips, chicken legs, fries, chili dogs, steaks and fish sticks in the air fryer.   Toast, baked chicken in the toaster oven


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Field Day

Every year, the last full weekend of June, The ARRL sponsors Radio Field Day.  It is the chance to go out, set up stations and broadcast for 24 hours attempting to make ham radio contacts.

For the 3rd year in a row, we utilized a piece of property owned by Savannah Airport to conduct our field day.  I was there most of Saturday and took Maggie along for about half of it.   She really loved the dinner!!

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Boat Trip

I had a nice day out on a friend’s boat today.  Paul called me last week and invited me out.  He has a 16 Carolina Skiff.  We put in on the Wilmington River, headed to the Savannah River, followed it past Fort Pulaski to Tybee and the Atlantic. We then came back up to the downtown Savannah Riverfront before returning to Wilmington.

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed it very much…

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Father’s Day

Had a very nice Fathers day… it was my 1st without Lyn and I was a little down about that. Scott called early and invited me to lunch at the Crab Shack down to Tybee. I went early, scouted out the meeting place for my meet up with a friend for a boat trip. Also stopped and visited Lyn at the grave site. That was emotional (as expected) but it was good for me… I spent a bit of time just talking to her…. My Daughter Sharon called me while I was driving and we had a nice phone visit! Thanks Sharon McGhie Kwolek!

On to the Crab Shack for lunch where I was joined by Scott, Morgan and the kids along with Morgan’s parents David and Lynn. We had a really nice meal and some great company. Nice to spend some time with David and Lynn. This really made my Father’s Day good… I was glad I did not have to spend it alone.

As we were leaving, Scott gave me my Fathers Day gift… a nice Air Fryer. Thank you Scott McGhie & Morgan Reeves McGhie. I got home, checked it out and later made fish & chips from frozen “stuff”. Easy and came out good!!

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Cemetery Monument

On May 15th, I settled on Depue Monument Company.  I had visited previously, met with the designer, they are local and right outside the cemetery.   I stopped by and met with Matt and discussed the design with him.   A short time later, he sent the 1st proof and we went back and forth a couple times.   On June 13th, I received what I considered the final layout.

I sent a copy to the kids and also to Lyn’s siblings for final look see and on June 15th, I sent Matt the formal approval.  We are now 4 weeks into the process and I would home we can get it done in the next month or so..

I hope that you all will think it is proper….

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