Joy in the Midst…

Yes, in the midst of all the turmoil of the battle that Lyn is fighting we have an occasional blessing.  Yesterday we had 2 nice outings in spite of the Cancer!   WE WILL Make time for us!

A week back we got to spend time with Sharon, Rick and the girls…  and then we were joined by Scott, Morgan and their 4.   Family is so important and I was never as good at that as Lyn was(is).   We both enjoyed it so very much.

You may have already read previous we had a couple outings yesterday (Sat Mar 4th)   These were so great and we both enjoyed.   Going out for breakfast was a treat for both of us and we enjoyed the outing and the meal.   That is the 2nd time we have done that recently and we are looking at a dinner out down the road.

Later we took Maggie out to the Dog Park!   It is in Savannah, down by Grayson Stadium.   We have never been and there is no parks closer.   It was nice outing for us together, though Lyn got chilled and sat in the car for a part of it.   There was only one other dog but Maggie seemed to enjoy it and it was nice for us all to get out and spend outdoors together.

Going forward, we need to work in more outings for all of us….

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A Really Bad Weekend!

Good Morning everyone on this Sunday March 4th…. This has been a terrible weekend for us… yet we managed to make some good memories…

1st, I mentioned previously bad news Friday (on Facebook).  I did not say more until we talked to family  – The pathology results were in and that was the issue. The stomach biopsies again showed cancer and that is not really a surprise. We knew they would gain new territory as the effects of the chemo wore off.

2nd, they took tissue samples from the blockage at the liver and that also showed cancer cells. Barring a miracle, this really rules out the likelihood of surgery for #1… I have spoken to 3 doctors and they are all saying the same.

3rd, we were in emergency yesterday for the drain not working. All they could do was swap out the plugged bag and flush the line. She assured me it would plug again. Well, it did, after about 6 hours yesterday. The line is plugged, 3 flushes no affect so I have just left it. It is not good but in our opinion no worse than before we had no drain. Moving forward, we have spoken with both Dr’s and see the Oncology Dr Tuesday and the Gastro (drain) Dr on Thursday.

So, where is the good… she felt good most of the day…. we went out for breakfast and had a nice time after we left the ER. After coming home, we relaxed a bit and then went down to the dog park in Savannah with Maggie. It was so nice for the 3 of us to get out together on an outing. We had 2 outings in the day and both enjoyed them and the time together… You make the best of what you can when you can!! 

She was not feeling well after dinner and went and laid down quite early. She slept through the and I was concerned and kept checking on her so I did not sleep real well…

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Lyn’s Updates

It was a short month but a busy one for sure regarding Lyn’s care.   We ended last month with a PetScan which left us with 2 un-answered questions and a delayed Atlanta trip.

Thursday the 1st we went back into town to Candler Hospital for a CT Scan which really did not show/add anything new.  Then on Monday Feb 5th she had a ERCT right here in Pooler for the liver…   Later in the week we had a meeting at Candler Outpatient regarding the lung Biopsy they were going to perform.   This CT did not add any new news other than confirm enlarged (and blocked) bile ducts.

Monday the 12th, back in to Candler for the Biopsy….     That was about 5 hours total and in the end a lung collapsed (not un-common) so they re-inflated and left a tube in her chest.   On Wed, we went back in, had the tube removed…  then off to Dr Borak’s office.   Here, we decided to try and do a scope procedure for the liver issue, hoping he could locate and determine what was causing the blockage.   This was scheduled for a week away, Thursday Feb 22nd.   In the meantime, the good news was Negative on the lung Biopsy…

Back to Candler on the 22nd, plan was a 3 to 4 hour total time for a scope procedure.   Not in our cards….    Dr came out after and talked to me, he was unable to get through the cancer and scar tissue to see the bile ducts.   He wanted to keep her overnight and then put a drain tube in to remove the bile fluids and hopefully relieve the liver.   This would be temporary as we we continue to try and find the cause of the blockage and a way to clear it.   This was done on Friday and I was able to bring her home on Sunday.

This procedure involved a surgical insertion of a tube form the bile ducts to drain outside her her body into a small bag.  Care involves draining (currently I do it twice a day) and a daily flush of the line which I also do.  Once a week, a nurse will visit and inspect and re-dress the surgical point.   My understanding is they took some tissue samples and also had sent out some more biopsy samples for comparison from the stomach.  We hope to here back by the end of the week.


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Sharon’s Visit!

On the 22nd my daughter Sharon, her husband Rick and the twins Alyssa and Ashley arrived in Charleston.  Alyssa was participating in a Gymnastics competition on Friday.   I had planned to go but with Lyn in the Hospital, was unable to attend…

They stayed in Charleston Thur & Fri night, then drove to Savannah on Saturday, stopping to see us at the Hospital on Saturday before going to the hotel in Pooler and then out to dinner with Scott.  They stopped at the Wildlife Refuge on the way in and enjoyed that very much.

On Sunday, they took the girls out to the Beach at Tybee…  nice waves and good all Salt Water!   🙂

They came over here later and visited along with Scott, Morgan and their 4 kids.   The young ones got a big kick out of all the 3D print objects and each took several home with them.



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Well, photography has really lagged since Lyn has gotten sick.    In Feb, I picked up the pace a little, entering 1 weekly contest, the monthly contest and making 2 trips to the refuge.   It felt good and I need to get back to doing more of it..

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More 3D Printing

My other projects have suffered some as I have been working on perfecting my 3D printing and learning all I can.   It was a good month as I learned considerable about the actual process of the print and bit more about files and CAD.  I still have a ways to go…   🙂

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Grooming Maggie

On Feb 19th, we took Maggie in for grooming.   She was “Way” overdue and full of mats.   It had been took long but we had so busy it just got away from us.   They had to cut her a bit closer than normal to remove all the mats and we expected that.   She actually turned out pretty good…




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My Medical…

I am having some up’s and down’s but doing well at the moment.    I was having some breathing issues and really suspected COPD (had been reported on my recent scans).   My feet were swelling and I was unable to lay and elevate my feet due to breathing.   I also decided it was a good time to change Dr’s.   My Dr was ok but I needed to be able to get appointments and answers when I needed them…    I switched to MDVIP and the same Dr I selected for Lyn.   Ken is also a personal friend so I know he will take care of us.   I called and he was still accepting new patients so the next day, Feb 7th, I went in to see him.   He did a full workup on me and it appears that I have fluid in my lungs and also outside them causing the breathing difficulty.  My EKG looked good and sent a copy of that and my chest XRay to take with to my Cardiologist on Friday.    He prescribed a water pull to remove the fluids, has me monitoring weight and we will review after my Cardiologist vist on Friday.

Friday the 9th back into town to visit my cardiologist for a followup and echo test.   Reasonably good report… rate and rhythm is all good.. heart function has almost doubled from when hospitalized.. he was pleased.. Looks like I will need a valve replacement down the road…   Not too excited about that but at least now it is not urgent and we will continue to monitor.   I go back in a month and we made some mods (reductions) of some of my Meds.

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Lyn’s Updates

Lyn’s appointment on the 26th went well as did therapy. We had one little glitch later in the day when I spoke to the folks at Infuse Science regarding the labs this week. Albumin was good which was a surgery goal but of the 4 markers for liver function, 2 were high and one had spiked quite a bit. After a consult with them and her Dr, they decided to take her off TPN for a few days and give her liver a rest. I ran yesterdays to this morning as normal, and we will not hook up today’s nor will we get a new shipment today.

Monday is lab day, we will do labs and then analyze middle of week and then generate an updated plan. We have a Wed appointment in Atlanta with the surgeon and also planning a Pet Scan next week.

Last Friday I reported that some liver markers were elevated and they stopped TPN to give her body (and liver) a rest. I did not mention the concerns that it may be more and hence the Pet Scan yesterday, before our Atlanta visit. The scan was at 1:30 and at 8:00pm her Oncology Dr called me at home…

There were a couple concern areas but overall this was a Great Scan! No change in the stomach area and no sign of the C in the lymph nodes or abdominal Cavity (GOOD!!)

Liver showed enlarged bile ducts no did not display signs of C. (GREAT as I was worried). We do not know why and have to track that down…

A nodule showed on the lung that did not appear before and that was of a concern. Let me add these have shown up over several years, not grown in size and also previously biopsied negative.

Her Dr shared the data with the surgeon last night and they talked before he called me. (they were busy  ) They decided before we made the trip, lets investigate these other 2 anomalies and put them to rest 1st and we agree.    We are going to do a contrast CT for the lung (scheduled for 2/1) and will be consulting with a specialist on the liver.   Hoping that soon we can re-schedule for Atlanta

Happy with the scan overall and remaining optimistic and fighting!


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3D Printing

I decided to take a dive into 3 D printing and ordered a small inexpensive printer attempt to learn about the process.   This falls in a little with my Plastics background.

After wading through many reviews, I settled on the Monoprice Select Mini V2.   It has a small 5×5 bed but for learning that is fine.

It has been fun to play with….   here is the unit set up and the 1st few items setting on the bed..

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January 17th, I received 2 new QSL cards fro Special Events.   These stations were operating to commemorate the Battles of Princeton and Trenton during the Revolution.

I was fortunate to be able to make both contacts…

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Today was my Cardioversion at Memorial Hospital in Savannah.   I have been in a A-Fib condition for a couple months and we have not been able to get it under control with meds.    This treatment is basically applying a shock to your heart to reset the rhythm.

Electrical cardioversion– Also known as “direct-current” or DC cardioversion, a synchronized (perfectly timed) electrical shock is delivered through the chest wall to the heart through special electrodes or paddles that are applied to the skin of the chest and back. The goal of the procedure is to disrupt the abnormal electrical circuit(s) in the heart and thereby to reset the heart to normal rhythm. This split second interruption of the abnormal beat allows the heart’s electrical system to regain control and restore a normal heartbeat. Electrical cardioversion is performed in a hospital setting where oxygen levels,  blood pressure and heart rhythm are closely monitored.


Normal sinus rhythm can be restored more than 90 percent of the time, however atrial fibrillation or other abnormal rhythms may recur in over time. Your doctor may prescribe medications or recommend catheter ablation to reduce the risk of atrial fibrillation recurrence.

I arrived and they monitored me and hooked me up to an IV….    when they started the drugs, I was out almost immediately and when I awoke, I felt fine.  They told me that the procedure worked and they only needed one shock to get my rhythm normal.   So far, it appears to have stayed normal and I have a followup with the cardiologist in Feb.

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On 12/28, we were officially denied payment for the TPN process.   I discussed with the Dr about me paying for it and we decided to go ahead and start it, the intent being to just use it for a few weeks (hopefully) until we could get another visit with the surgeon in Atlanta.  My thought process was any weight gain would be in her benefit.

Dr Mark had also contacted the surgeon and one of his requirements was that she be able to walk up a flight of stairs.  When we left his office, we attempted to do the stairs at the hospital…     She made it up a full flight..   YIPPEE!!     though it was not very pretty, she stumbled a couple times and that was from issues getting the foot high enough.   It gave us something else to work on and I called Amy (PT) and let her know what we needed to focus on.

Tuesday, Jan 2nd, the supplies arrived and Danielle, our nurse came by later and installed the infusion access device into Lyn’s Port.   That has to be changed weekly and can only be accessed by a nurse.  She then proceeded to teach me how to prepare the infusion bag (it requires adding 2 syringes of vitamins etc…  one which requires mixing), how to hook up the pump and prime it and then how to properly connect it to, and remove it from her in the morning.

It has now been almost a week and no real issues.   I feel comfortable with the process and it goes reasonably quick.   I usually prepare the bag around 2pm and and then hook her up about 3:00.   It runs for 16 hours so I shut it off and disconnect her around 7am.


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Snow Savannah

January 3rd was a Snow Day in Savannah…   First since we have been here and in reality the 1st actual in 14 years.   The official amount was only 1.2″ where ever they measured it and it was the highest amount since 1982..

We actually had 3.5″ here at the house…    and it was cold so the roads remained frozen for several days.

It is gone now….   I had enough to last another 14 years!!   🙂

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Photo Update

Well, the last half of 2017 was not very active photography wise.   It just seemed like too much going on with Lyn, and weather issues etc.     I still had some good shots, just no where near as many.   Once we get her stabilized, maybe we can step it up some.

Here is my December Best and my 2017 Best of the Year!

Decembers Best

Best of 2017

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