Flintlock Update

Well, I got started back on this project. It has been a while too. I have a double barrel shotgun behind it needing some tuning work but it has to wait till this is done.

I started making some progress, then got involvd with all these dogs which has back burner-ed this project again. Still making some progress…

Finished off the sanding of the stock…

I was then able to start on the metal… I decided to attempt to antique the brass and misc parts using “brass black”.

I have started on the barrel now… Only one pass but i am using Birchwood Casey Plum Brown barrel finish which will give an older look than traditional Bluing. I am guessing I will need at least 4 coats with steel wool in between to get it finished.

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The Green Thumb

Well, I do not know how Green it is… But I have been having so much fun in the yard this year with flowers and plants. I really believe it is less me and more Lyn’s Karma as she looks down and smiles. She loved the yard and the flowers….

It is funny, it was all her in the yard too… She was amazing… now that I am doing it, I find that it is fun!! Gives me another “regret” to add to my list, I wish I had participated more with her on flowers/plants etc. I think she would be pleased….

You all saw these… the original flowers I put in (as Lyn always did…)

Next up, I decided I wanted a small potting bench. It is decorative in the screen room and allows to me use the space for tools and working on plants rather than having to go in the sun to the patio table. I found an inexpensive one on Amazon that you put together yourself. It also folds up so I assembled in the living room, folded it and carried out to the screen room.

Next up, I put the bench to use… I ordered a strawberry plant kit online. Includes a planter, soil and 13 small plants to place …. It went together fairly easy, needs regular water and sun so I hung it on a shepherds hook.

It has been a few weeks now and as I started to see buds, I moved it to the patio table where it will get more sun all the way around. The buds are now flowering and if I am lucky, those will turn into berries!

Next up, I picked some additional plants for the screen room. I ended up with a couple Perennials and also added a pot with succulents.

Lastly, added one of my favorites. I have always been a fan of Bonsai Trees, having a couple way back in Michigan. I ordered two more and rigged them with drip trays etc. They are currently residing outside, though one is designed for indoors…

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Mercy Mission!

As related to Dog Rescue is what the mission is about. I have been working some with One Love Animal Rescue, the Premier Rescue in the area. On Wednesday the 22nd, they has a transport need and I volunteered to help.

They had rescued 35 dogs from a shelter, had them in a local donated kennel for a few days, and needed to transport them to Greenville SC. The Humane Society in Greenville was going to work to get them adopted.

We met at the Kennels to get loaded up. It was the Director, a fellow who brought down 10 pups and the other 2 drivers. We got me loaded up 1st, I had 2 large crates with teh 10 puppies and then 7 others in individual crates. Yes, 17 dogs in the little Jeep Sport!

The ride up, about 4 hours, was a real trip. The leader got lost twice, had to stop for repairs twice… Not Good! The facility up there is gorgeous, 2 buildings, one a dedicated adoption center. One by one, the dogs were unloaded, checked and either accepted or rejected. 28 of the 35 were accepted by them, so we brought the 7 home. 3 were placed in my vehicle.

The ride home, well suffice to say that made the ride up look smooth! We got back to Karrie’s house, and she had a whole crew to unload crates, handle the 7 dogs and also to take them in as fosters. I had agreed to take two of them, Sammi and Maison, both females.

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Jackson’s Black Belt!

On Friday 5/24, I attended the testing for Jack’s Black Belt Class in Taekwondo. He really did well, and after years of practice, training and progress, he tested for his 1st Black Belt. He was successful and at the end of the night, he was awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt!


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No, we are not suggesting you lower your voice, Whisper is a dog!! I picked her up from a resident here in town. The resident was going to Brazil for 2 1/2 months and someone was going to take her and babysit, but she was not available until Tuesday. The lady was flying out on Saturday so they needed someone to fill in. I was approached by Rita of GRRR Rescue so I took her in on Saturday and Rita would pick her up on Tuesday.

Whisper is a little Chihuahua and such a sweetheart. Took her a few to warm up but then she was right at home.. She was a joy to have here and she burrowed under blankets or covers when she slept!

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Lyn requested to be buried with her New Rings, an anniversary present for our 40th. I said no problem, why … she responded that she did not know if I would want them. I told her no, that I had our original set and that would forever have the most meaning to me. (I am still wearing My new wedding ring from our 40th).

My intent, was to find a way to display them… a wood case or something.. did not know what. As it had been a year, I resumed my search for something appropriate. I finally found it, a glass box intend for the Brides Set. I felt I could put my original on one side and hers together on the other. A plus, was it would be engraved. I filled out the engraving data and ordered it.

I think that it came out perfect, I was so pleased and it is displayed prominently on the mantle next to her picture ornament.

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Foster Dog

Maggie and I just had a house guest for 5 days, a min pin named Dixie. She is currently in Foster with a local rescue but they needed someone to “cover” for 5 days and contacted me. I was happy to do it and also helped out by getting her to and from a Vet appointment. Her and Maggie got along just fine and we returned her to her regular foster mom yesterday.

I have been asked to do another weekend foster in a few weeks and also signed up to foster with another agency.

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Squirrel Proof?

Lyn and I loved our little back yard and also loved feeding the birds. We typically had 4 feeders out (along with 3 Hummingbird Feeders). Each year is a constant battle against the Squirrel population.

Old Feeders

Above you see 2 of our feeders… I had filled all 4, and a few days later, the little rodents had emptied them. It was a bit before I refilled, and then I only did 3, filled them and put out on the 11th. In 2 1/2 Hours, they emptied all 3. I had enough… and started researching…

I had several suggestions and many suggested Brome… I also found some other brands with Rodent Resistant units, including Perky Pet which was the same brand I currently have. The big drawback to these units is the price, they are considerably more expensive!

I decided to go ahead and try a couple, choosing 1 each from Perky Pet and Brome. They arrived on the 14th, I got them all set and then put them out on the 15th.

So, what are the results…. THEY Appear to Work!! The Brome (smaller above seems to get the most bird activity and also appears to be constructed a bit better. It is now the 23rd and I had filled both maybe 1/2 and both have seed still after 8 days.. The Brome has definately much less seed now and seems to have more rodents trying.. but also has more bird activity.

Overall I am pleased and am going to buy a couple more units.

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Pressure Washer

I decided to pick up a small pressure washer. I really needed to try and clean the outdoor cushions. Spent some time sudsing and scrubbing and it was just too time consuming. I researched other methods to clean them and pressure washing was an option. I could also use it in the screen room and in the garage. (I had looked at replacing them but it costs more than than original furniture!)

After doing some research, I settled on a 2000psi electric model by Sun Joe. I ordered it from Amazon. It had quite a few good reviews and I also looked at some you tube reviews and operational videos.

The Unit – Ready for assembly

Assembly was pretty easy and the unit worked quite well. I used it to do the screen room and the cushions. The outside orange ones are really bad and sun-damaged. They are likely going to need to be replaced. The screen room furniture cam out acceptable. Next up will be teh garage and vehicles!!

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You all are probably going .. “What is EMAG”
It stands for Emergency Management Association of Georgia. They have an Annual Conference in Savannah, this year it was April 17 – April 19th. I attended the conference this year, my admission paid for by Region J Hospital Association of GA.

I found it to be very good, there were several breakout sessions each day where you could pick from a selection of classs/lectures based on your interests. These were very informative for me.

Glad that I attended and hope that Region J will consider sending me next year!

Here are a few photos from the Event…

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This is an Anniversary, but not of the good kind… A year ago today, my Bride of 41 years, Lyn McGhie went to heaven….

This was also the Chatham County Hurricane Conference… I was supposed to go, but when I went to register, I saw it was today so did not attend this year. I was also registered for the 3 Day EMAG Conference starting tomorrow and will still attend that…

So, what did we do today?? Maggie and I visited the cemetery and visited Lyn. I took a chair and sat and talked to her for quite a while. It was good! It was also beautiful day… when we left, I felt sad but good… I was OK!

The pictures below show the beautiful location along the Wilmington River and the beautiful day that Maggie and I shared with Lyn…

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Doctor Update

This month I had 2 Doctor visits and for those who do not like to read, the short version.. overall all is good. 🙂

On the 1st, I had an appointment with Dr Spellman (Heart Dr.) and he gave me an A+. I go back in 6 weeks and he will do an echo test to check the status of the leaky valve. I was pleased as was he.

On the 3rd, I stopped by Dr Ken (Primary) … I needed blood work for another Dr and also due for Cholesterol screening. Ken reviewed the orders , added a couple things he wanted and off I went!

He called me a couple days later and said all was good.. Iron a tad low but reserves was good so he wants me to stay on the iron pills. Hemoglobin was also a tad low but normal for me, in fact highest level in the last 2 years.

Yesterday (the 12th), I received the printed copy and after reading it was even more pleased. My A1C was 5.6 (actually in a normal range) and all my Cholesterol levels were also in the “Norm”. Give me a Gold Star~!

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Maggies Haircut

Maggie was way overdue… worse than me!! I called Petsmart where we usually take her and it was out 3 weeks to get an appointment. I called around to 3 others, one was 3 weeks and another did not call back until a day later. The 3rd called back in a few hours and I could get her in on Monday (called on Friday) so I took the appointment. It was close, right in Pooler and they did decent….


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Hitchin the New Radio

Last month I reported on my new (to me) Icom 7100 radio. I needed a couple items for the install and ordered them, they came in on the 4th. In the meantime, I started putting everything else together on the 2nd. It went well all fit well in the desk after I re-arranged a couple items.

I was pleased with how it all came together and all tested out well.

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My Haircut…

Boy was I overdue… cleaned up half decent with a cut and a shave..

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