Investment Time

No, not a financial investment per se, but an investment in the home. On the 12th, Canady’s (my HVAC people) were here for my annual maintenance/service. They have been servicing me for 4 years and this time we had an issue, the coil of the air handler was beginning to leak and the refrigerant of this 13 old unit will become obsolete next year. I determined that I did not want to invest money in a unit that old that would be obsolete in a year. I had them quote a similar sized unit but more efficient than I currently have and added an improved thermostat. I also had an extra vent added to the ham shack as it gets warmer with all the electronics. This is scheduled for installation on Monday March 25th.

My dryer has been acting up for a while and I have had 2 repair calls over the past 18 months. Talking to Scott & Morgan and some friends, I decided to visit the local store Living Goods to look at and price appliances. After 2 visits, I ordered a new Whirlpool washer and dryer. These are in stock and they will be installed the day after the HVAC system (March 26th, Tuesday). A friend has a neighbor that lost his washer among other things in a hurricane and is still trying to get on his feet. The washer still works good so I am donating that to them. My friend will pick it up and deliver it.

Last item is my Sprinkler system. I had issues last year at the end of the season and shut it down. I am going to start looking for a contractor now to come in and quote me the repairs that I need so I can get it operational before the heat arrives!! Wish me luck!

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Back to Church

It has been a while coming, I have been thinking about this for quite a while and in recent months, decided I wanted to get back in to a Church environment.

In the past couple months, in addition to doing some bible reading, I have also been looking at local churches and visited several. A few weeks ago I began attending regular at Living Faith Church in Guyton GA.

I have been inspired to travel back to my Christian Roots..

Thanks to James, Kim, Aaron, Bobby, Kyle, Gary and Russ…..

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Back on the Flintlock!

I started this a long time, then put aside when Lyn got real sick and never went back to it. Well, I have started back, finished fitting the trigger and lock and successfully testing the firing mechanism.

I am now beginning the finishing work… I am currently working on shaping the front end after fitting the nose cap.

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Maggie Beautified!

Golly did she need it… I do a poor job at best keeping her brushed and she tends to mat up at times. Plus she just gets so shaggy…

I had a 7:00 am appointment at Petsmart, took her in and they had her done and called me by 8:40 to come and pick her up.

She always looks so good when I pick her up…
The Princess Herself. Miss Maggie

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Region J – Quarterly Meeting

February 19th was the Quarterly meeting for the Region J Hospital Coalition. As a radio operator, and the 2nd in line for EmComm with the Hospital Association, I have been attending these for a year. They are now paying for me to have a Southern Linc Emergency Communication radio used throughout the state. In addition, they are all paying for me to attend a 3 day conference (EMAG) for emergency managers which is nice.

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Colt 45

I have been watching for a while, looking to get a set of Colt and Winchester clones. I had selected the 1873 models and somewhat decided on those produced by Uberti in Italy. These would be part of my vintage collection of firearms. Currently I have a TC Hawken Mountain Rifle, a PA Flintlock rifle , 2 1858 Model Remingtons and the Flintlock Pistol I am currently making. I also have a tomahawk and 2 knives that I built from kits.

Well, earlier this month, I located a pair of the Uberti Clones in .45LC caliber in PA. These were imported by Taylor & Co. (a woman owned and run business!) and referred to as the Smokewagon Deluxe. Deluxe indicates improved hammer and sights they have have been “taylor tuned”, that is a slicked up action for for rapid and accurate shooting.

Very pleased with the quality and actions on these firearms. Looking forward to getting to the range to try them out.

I am still looking for the 1873 Model Winchester clone to go with these!@

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Super Bowl Sunday

Today was Super Bowl Sunday and of course, as a Patriots Fan, I had to watch the game. Wanted to see Brady and Belichick to get #6 but knew that was going to be tough against a very tough Rams team.

So, was the game any good??? If you really like a defensive struggle, well this was it! Final score was 13-3 and yes, the Patriots won. It was not a very exciting game but it was tense, as you waited for someone to break it wide open.

I watched the whole game, though I probably would not have had I not had a “Dog in the Fight. the good side for me, Brady and Company played a great defensive game and took home there 6th Super Bowl!

Congrats to The Patriots!!

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We all know we need it…  and I do more than most.   I have issues with feet and knees…  that makes it hard to walk and therefore do much in the area of exercise.  That leads to overweight, out of shape…   lalalalala…

Anyway, I have decided to start to do something about it and picked up this device!

This will allow me to to have low impact but get moving and it also have pullys for working arms while cycling.   I have tried it out…  WOW, really out of shape but it works.  If I stay with this daily it has to help over time.

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Winter Field Day

January 26th and 27 – Winter Field Day – one of 2 Annual Radio events where operators set up remote and broadcast for 14 hours in an attempt to make contacts.  The original Field Day is in June.

I visited the site twice this year.  Brought Maggie with me in the afternoon for a few hours and then returned her home.  Hung out a bit, had dinner and then went back for a few hours in the evening.  It was chilly but I enjoyed it.

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International Night

This is an event at the kids school that took place on January 17th.  Morgan was one of the ringleaders on this activity!  They had international activities (dancing etc) in the cafeteria and along the hallways they had tables that represented various countries.    These may have food, displays, projects etc.   Morgan’s parents did the table for Israel.

Morgan had ask me about doing something with Radio and we ended up with a world map at the table and a DStar Radio Station which gave us the best chance for International Contacts.  The idea was have the radio contacts and then the kids could put push-pins in the map where we talked.   We managed, Canada, US Ireland, England, New Zealand and Australia.

I had fun and I think the Program was well received….

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My New New Years!

Wow, all I can say is I made the right choice…  I do not know if this will be the future of my New Years but it sure was great for this year, a year of 1sts…   All without my Beloved, 1st Anniversary, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, Christmas and now New Years.

It was shortly after Thanksgiving when I realized what New Years would be, 2 days alone and miserable!  I had plans to deal with all the other days but had not considered New years.  I sat here at home, looking at the walls and telling myself that I could not deal with that..  over and over…

I was on the Motorcycle Touring Forum and saw that there was a Ride to eat in Brooksville, NW of Tampa.  I decided to go, take Maggie and make a Road trip out of it.   I looked up a bunch of people, many of which I had not seen in years and planned an 8 day trip.

day 1, met a friend for breakfast then arrived in Brookville and stayed with a friend… Fred and barbara Jewell, we met back along 2001 in NH with Rolling Thunder.  Had a great visit and Barb fixd us all a nice Turkey dinner.

day 2, Went to the MTF event at the Coney, ate outdoors with Maggie and 15 others.  Saw several that I had not seen in years.

Day 2 ended in Largo staying with friend for 3 days.  I went to a friends daughters house for a New Years Eve gathering and knew her and her daughters from NH.  Really enjoyed and kept me and my mind occupied.

day 3, took my friend to breakfast and then went and visited my granddaughter Jessie at her work in St Pete.  She works at IHOP and made me proud, she would have made Lyn so proud too!

Day 4 my host worked and I did some work on her Computer, then went and visited Jess and her family at her new Mobile home.  It was really nice to get to visit and spend some time with her, Rob and Tyson.   That evening, found out my cousins Son has a restaurant in Largo so went there for dinner!

Day 5, back on the road, headed to Kissimmee to see my friend Wayne and Connie from NH, had not seen them since about 2004.   Wayne was working so I visited with Connie until he got home.  We went out to dinner at a sports Bar & Grill that had patio seting so Maggie could join us.  Really had a great visit with them and Maggie snuck off to sleep with them!  🙂

Day 6, headed SE to Hobe Sound Near West Palm.  I would spend the day and night with Patty Taggert and her husband Steve.  Patty was my brothers 1st wife and I always liked her.  Other than his funeral, it has been like 2000 since we have seen each other.  What a great visit and we enjoyed a nice dinner in town.

Day 7 I traveled again, this time heading North to Titusville where I met with Randy Stallings.  Last time I saw Randy was when I went to Florida tp pick up my Gold Wing in 2004.  I met him at his work and then we went to lunch.  It was great seeing him.

I finished off day 7 by heading off to Ormond Beach near Daytona.  I stayed with Scott Newell, last saw him somewhere around 2010.  He and his wife moved to Florida and he also lost his wife about a month after Lyn passed.  We shared stories, went out to dinner and then in the morning (Day 8) grabbed breakfast at a biker bar on the way out of town.

I so enjoyed the trip, having Maggie along and getting to see so many people that were all a part of my life.

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Christmas and Beyond…

With all the apprehension about the holidays, they turned out quite well.  As I mentioned, Xmas Eve turned out better than expected…    Xmas day was Very Nice!   Scott and Morgan came over with the kids…   we opened the stockings, and then the gifts.  Lots of family Holiday Fun.  Morgan prepared a full ham dinner which we enjoyed and we closed it out with a Chess Game with Jackson.  I won but he has really improved..

The 26th and 27th, I had meetings with old friends in the area…   that was enjoyable and now am preparing for my New Years trip to Florida…


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Xmas Eve

Here is a little something I wrote the morning of Xmas Eve….

Morning Everyone… Xmas eve is here… Have a few last minute things to get done around here before Santa arrives. (NO, NOT shopping!) pick up in the dining area so we can all eat tomorrow, put a way the laundry and finish washing some pillows.

I expect Xmas Eve to be a bit rough… It was always Lyn’s and my time for each other as we tended to make the morning for the kids. We usually did our gift exchange tonight. In counseling, we always talk about “have a plan” for those times we may not do so well (such as my Florida trip over New Years!)

My Plan…. Not let it get me today…. I am going to spend the day being thankful for that which I have, not that which I lost. Oh yes, there is a void, a hole in my heart…. But I am still Blessed

Over 40 years with the best woman I could ask for, today is a day to remember her…. Including many great Xmas memories over the years… Later I will revisit the memories of the photos of Xmas’s Past and remember …

The memories of Scott Leesa Sharon and Joe growing up and the great people they have become… and Xmas’s past..

Memories of my family, Mom, Dad and 2 brothers also gone to Heaven… But oh the times we have had… and of course my 2 sisters who I was blessed to spend time with at Thanksgiving. Also Inman’s, Labelle’s and David, long time friends from Michigan who I also saw at Thanksgiving… These are special people in my Life..

Cannot forget my extended families, the Hydromation Gang in Michigan and my Rolling Thunder Family in NH. Who can forget the love and support from this folks over the years but especially as I traveled that rough road.

I am blessed with the best neighbors anyone could want in Michole and her family… such love and caring for me and Lyn .. and of course my Ham Radio family here, always been here for me too.

I have 3 gifts under the tree… one form Sharon’s Family (already opened the one from Joe & Leesa’s family) and 2 from a longtime close friend… I think I will try and open them tonight to fill that void of our previous Xmas Eve exchanges….

and last… Surely not least…. I am blessed to be near Scott & Morgan and their children. I likely would not have a tree had they not come out to help me decorate (as we did with Lyn) and so lucky to get to spend Xmas day with them … watch the kids open gifts and share a Xmas meal that Morgan is preparing.

So to sum up this long winded spewing of words… Yes, I am hurting bad… my heart is broken but God has blessed me with so much that I need to remember and be thankful for… Including my life and Memories with Lyn.

So…  How did this work out???   I had my moments but it went well…   I played some Radio and got confirmed SC on a Digital Mode.  It was the last one I needed for 2 more Worked All States Endorsements!

Later I opened a gift from Sharon and her family, a beautiful Memorial Wind Chime. The words on the memorial feather are so appropriate.. Thanks to Sharon, Rick, korey, Alissa and Ashley. Lyn loved sitting in the yard and we both enjoyed the wind chimes (3 different sets) that we had in the yard…  Every Chime will remind me that Lyn is with me..

That evening I opened a gift from a friend, a dome to house the Ornament Scott and Family got me so that it is protected and can stay on display all year…

I spent the rest of the evening looking at old photos of Xmas’s Past and remembering..

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Tree Decoration

The kids came out the morning of the 15th…  Tree Time and Ornament Time…

I gave them each their new ornaments for this year and they were all very pleased.  Then they surprised me with an ornament…   It reads “Always In My Heart”   It brought tears to my eyes as I typed this but I really cried when they gave me this…

Anyway, here are some of the other pictures…    We had a nice time, I think adults and kids alike had fun!


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41st Anniversary

Or, should I say, it would have been..   December 13th was a rough day to spend alone.  Well, I was not totally alone…  I had Maggie and I am sure Lyn was was with us in Spirit.

We went down to the Cemetery and spent some time, visiting, talking to her, letting her know how much we missed her.   I talked quite a bit about how I was handling things etc.

Maggie and I, as we usually do, stopped by and spent a little time at the dog park.  Being a week day, there were no other small dogs so we had some quiet time together..

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