August Photo Updates

August was a decent Photo month, not necessarily one of my best but ok.  I did do well with some specialty pics including themes.

D71_5646-Edit  Theme = “Lock”

D71_5616-Edit3       Theme = “Leaf”

D71_5823_4_5_tonemapped-Edit  Theme = “Looking Up”

D71_5936-Edit   Theme = “Motion”

D71_5949-Edit-Edit    Theme = “Neglected”

DSC_0302-Edit    Theme = “Night”

DSC_0243-Edit                   Theme = “Leaning”


I had a few night shots including the moon…..

D71_5552-Edit-Edit D71_6089-Edit DSC_0298 DSC_0300


A few Close-ups….

D71_5691 D71_5684 D71_5670 D71_5662


Some from the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge…..

D71_5811 D71_5600 D71_5588 D71_5587 D71_5578 D71_5567 D71_5573 D71_6036 D71_5867 D71_5857 D71_5852 D71_5835


And a few at and around home…..

D71_6086 D71_6085 D71_6074 D71_5786 D71_5774-Edit D71_5665


Looking back at these, I cannot really complain.  I guess maybe the “Not So Great” feeling comes from a lack of really great shots from the refuge.   That is partly because August was so busy and the weather was not that good for the “gators”  🙂

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