A few more Kid Shots!

As the month comes to a close, I had a few more photos of the kids….

Ella at School…….

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The kids all relaxing on the back deck……






Ella decided that it was time to paint the house…  🙂   Someone asked Morgan how long they left her alone?  She responded that it was only 5 minutes, we all know that Ella can accomplish a lot in 5 minutes!!   🙂

11988749_10206315044807589_2759507485108890852_n  11954589_10206315044967593_4204393029952016883_n


After seeing Ella Paint, you would wonder if it wise to put her in construction Mode!  🙂

11049644_10206271148750215_3865613546345884963_n 11898659_10206271148230202_1485646519143684101_n 11898635_10206271148630212_9157497472465619461_n 11888044_10206271148390206_3861961221695134698_n

Next up will be Disney over Labor Day Weekend!

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