More Karate!

Jackson is still active in Karate and doing well.   He trains at the Savannah ATA Black Belt Academy.  On Thursday, Scott had called to see if we we could pick Jack up and take him to class.  Of course, we did and he also gave us the paperwork for his belt testing coming up on Saturday August 15th.  We decided to run in to Savannah and watch his testing session.

The session went well, Jack did good!   He was awarded his Purple Belt (was a Green Belt).  After the session ended, we all went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.

 D71_5763  D71_5760 D71_5756    D71_5749 D71_5753  D71_5754 D71_5755D71_5741 D71_5737 D71_5739 D71_5736 D71_5733 D71_5729 D71_5728 D71_5727 D71_5726 D71_5724 D71_5723 D71_5714


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