Xmas in August!

No, not really…   But it seems like here!  🙂

Following on the heels of the Camper and new truck we have added a few things to our inventory!

For the trailer, we picked up a full cover for when we are storing it.  We had looked at them before but they were a bit rich for our blood.   On the Forest River forums a couple were selling one they had that had never been used.   They had the same trailer.   I asked why they never used and why they were selling and they responded that it came with their trailer and they shortly after upgraded trailers.   Anyway, we settled on a price about 1/3 of new and they shipped it up.


We also added a few other small items for the trailer such as such small bins for storage, a rug to fit inside the door to keep sand and dirt down and a small collapsible step stool.


Next up, we added some items for the truck.   We purchased a rubber Bed Mat from Amazon (Dee Zee Brand) for the floor of the bed.  It protects items and the bed and also helps prevent them from sliding.   We had one in the Ridgeline, the same brand and were very pleased.


We also added a Tonneau cover.  Again, we based the purchase on past experience where we had an Extang tri-fold on the Ridgeline.  We liked the ease of attachment, removal and access.   Our other was on the truck for 4 years and we had no issues.   We decided to go the hard panel tri-fold and ordered the newly released 2.0.  I managed to secure a price about $70 less than the norm.

20150809_102527 20150809_102544


Lastly, I decided with camping and many places have water there or near by, to get some type of boat.  Not having a place to store anything, nor wanting to hang things on the truck cab, I decided to go for an inflatable.   After much research, reading and watching videos, I settled on a Sea Eagle 370 Pro.   I ended up getting it for $60 less than the normal rate by visiting Inflatables Boats For Less.   It comes with everything except life vests, pump, 2 seats, 2 paddles….  (internet pic, not our boat)



Speaking of vests…   picked these up at Walmart today…

k2-_4bf779ef-c1bf-49f0-a6ac-df7e92f9e4c3.v1 k2-_0e42ba78-1151-4389-a5aa-02dc1ccafb7a.v1


I also found out that I can get a lifetime GA Hunting and Fishing license for free (over 65) so I ordered that online too!



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