camping Again! Ram Time!

We made it out for our 2nd camping trip and 1st with the new truck.  The weight distribution hitch needed to be adjusted for the truck/trailer combo.  We stopped by the trailer dealers on Friday the 17th to get that done so we would be all set.   We also had ordered some items for the trailer, hanging shelves for the pantry, stackers for a wardrobe, a shelf for the kitchen cupboard and some small bins for the storage over the sofa.  These all arrived on the 22nd.

We decided to head out on the 27th, a Monday and stay 3 nights.  We would again head to Fort McAlister but with the new truck we decided to head a few miles on I95 before cutting back up on HW17.  This would give me a chance to test the mirrors and also see how she towed at highway speeds with the new truck.  Result, well all I could say was WOW!  It pulled smooth and easy right out of the lot and had no problem getting to speed or going up hills.   Mirrors worked great!  I was extremely pleased with it all.

We had brought all the dogs and they were not too bad during the setup, a few times testy during the stay but OK.   I think the next time out we will board them and just enjoy a few days without “children”.   After getting setup, we relaxed a bit and installed all the “closet” organizers.   All worked really well!  We decided to pick up a few more of the small bins for over sofa ($5 for a set of 3) and also to leave the 2nd wardrobe area bare and use it for appliance storage.  We also picked up a couple small side tables for outdoors and 2 collapsible containers for trash bags, one 30 gal outside and a small kitchen size inside.  These items all turned out to be good choices too.

We had considerable rain the 1st day and extreme humidity the rest of our stay.  Made us glad for the air conditioner.  I managed to grab a few pictures and completed reading a book.  Another enjoyable week!  We had one minor issue on the trailer, when closing up the slide-out would not retract.  I used the manual crank and we called the dealer, dropping the keys off when we got back.  Travel home was a joy,  loving the new truck!

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