Southern Dirt Track Racing..

On Friday July 17th, Lyn and I drove over to Ogelthorpe Speedway Park right here in Pooler.

Oglethorpe Speedway Park celebrates it’s 64th Anniversary in 2015. The half mile speedway has entertained race fans since March of 1951 when championship motorcycle racing debuted in Savannah.  The first stock car race took place at the historic half mile in May of 1951. Johnnie Parsons was the first winner.  Parsons was the defending Indy 500 winner that year.                                                                                     

The half mile clay speedway hosted the NASCAR Grand National Series (today’s Sprint Cup Series) in March of 1954 and 1955.  The winner of the race on March 28, 1954 was Al Keller in a 1954 Hudson.  Lee Petty won on March 6, 1955. His son, Richard Petty, signed in as a crew member that day.  Herb Thomas competed that day along with Curtis Turner, Junior Johnson and Buck Baker.

Many of today’s most recognized racers have turned laps here at OSP Former NASCAR Winston Cup champions Ned Jarrett, Glenn “Fireball” Roberts, David Pearson, Joe Weatherly, Buddy Baker, Dale Earnhardt and Speedy Thompson have competed at Oglethorpe Speedway Park.  

As always, an enjoyable evening of races.   There are very organized in keeping the program moving and entertaining.   Another fun evening for us….

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