Linda (McGhie) Manning Visits Savannah!

Yes, my sister was in Savannah.   She brought her entire entourage, husband Neil, daughters Stephanie (Manning) Throop, Jessica manning and Stephanie’s husband Donald and their daughter Grace.

The real purpose of the trip was a visit to Disney in Orlando but they arranged to stop and see us on the return home.   They left Orlando the morning of July 23rd and arrived up here later in the afternoon, checking in to a hotel just down the road in Pooler.   They arrived over here for a visit and later we met up with Scott, Morgan and the kids for dinner in Pooler.  It was very enjoyable to spend the time together.

Friday morning, we met them at IHOP in Pooler for breakfast and then went down to Savannah, spending time at the shops in City Market and down by River Street.  back to the house in the afternoon, all the kids went swimming across the street at the pool while Linda and Neil visited with us.

Later to dinner at Longhorn, then our goodbyes.   They hit the road Saturday morning heading back to Michigan.   This was really a nice visit with some excellent quality time!

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