Remember the “other” dealer?

Anyway, wanted to finish this story, keeping in mind we met our sales person at Springfield Chrysler at 11:00 am July 10th and by 6:00pm bought a truck and picked it up on the Monday the 13th.

On Friday, on the way to Springfield, I called Savannah and told the manager I would not accept the engine in the truck they showed me and was sticking with a Hemi.  He indicated he could get me one and would look, called me back later and suggested he maybe could get me a deal on a new one.  I indicated I would entertain that and to get me a price with a list of options and that I would accept all the options as on the one I test drove but with a Hemi.  He said he would see what he could find and wondered if I would be by there that day or the next.   I said no, I would not be back until he had a truck available and I had a firm price.   He indicated he would get me that later that day but they may get busy.

On Tuesday afternoon (I already had my truck for a day), the sales person called to see what I thought of the truck??  I said what truck??  He was talking about the one I declined last Friday!  I told him that was unacceptable and I had told the manager that last week and he was supposed to get back to me with a New price.  He said he could get that and sent info later saying he had a unit and it was on his lot.  I had already looked at his inventory so did not believe it would be correct and asked for the sticker info and final price.   He sent that and it did not have mirrors or brake controller (nor Nav, 8.5″ display and 3.92 trans.)   His price was $4K more than I paid so I told him that.  He wondered how close and I said way apart, both on money and options.    He called back again the next day and I told him I bought one.

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