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Our Honda Ridgeline has been a great truck for us but now that we have a camper, it’s towing capacity is somewhat limited.   We have been somewhat window shopping to see what we might like going forward.  Based on our needs, what we like and the fact that we have a family connection to a Chrysler Dealer, we had somewhat decided, preliminarily on a Ram.   We began looking at used, since that is normal for us.

We had seen a few used ones online so began driving around just to get a feel of what we might like.   There was one in Springfield GA, a 2012 Ram (but not available that day) and we saw one in Rincon while driving around, a 2013 at a Chevrolet dealer but we did not drive it.  Thursday (July 9th) we located a 2013 at a Dodge Dealer in Savannah so we decided to take a drive.

There are some really strange dealers out there.   We spotted a Ram in a used car lot on the way to Dodge so stopped in.  They refused to give me a price until I test drove it.  I informed them that without a price, the only driving was me off their lot.  Eventually, I got a price but they still kept trying to get me to drive it.  I never did!  🙂

On to the Dodge Dealer…    This started off ok but eventually became ridiculous.  I looked at the Rams, the one advertised was ok but the the one in Rincon was much better.  There was a nice 2014 Ram Big Horn in the row and I indicated I liked that but could not afford.  Before leaving, a manager came around and suggested he could get me into that for a reasonable price.   We took it for a ride and loved it, even stopped by and showed Scott.  Back at the dealers, it came out that it was NOT a Hemi.   Now he tried to sell me that engine as a tow engine.  I indicated no, not today, if it had a Hemi we would have bought it.  I would go home and research the engine and call him back.  (Research said no so I called him the next day but more on that later…..)   I tried to get a final price but never was able to.  He indicated it was one price if I was serious and another if I was going home to think about.  I said I would take the “going home to think price” but never did get it!

At this point, we really loved that 2014 and after consulting with Scott the next morning, decided to open up to newer/even new Rams.  We had decided on Ram, Hemi and the Ram towing package with tow mirrors so when we went back to Springfield Chrysler, I had the sales girl show me the new ones also.  They had a brown Ram Big Horn with all but the tow mirrors so we took it for a ride.  It was perfect so Leta, our sales person went and did a search, finding the same truck with mirrors!   In a matter of minutes, we had a price with trade.  (That is interesting to note compared to the Savannah Dodge dealer).  Before we continued negotiations, Leta had to find out if the car was available and if the dealer had added any options.

This is what we drove at the lot….  (Pics are unit on lot, ours is the same model and colors but has tow mirrors, Nav, larger fuel tank, anti spin differential and spray on bed liner)

Clipboard01 Clipboard06 Clipboard05 Clipboard04 Clipboard03 Clipboard02

Leta called back and the truck was still available.  She updated the price with the dealer added options and 2 items that I wanted.   I countered with what I wanted for a price.  She called back later with “Good News” and I said sold!  We dropped off a deposit and they arranged to have the truck delivered that weekend.

On Monday July 13th, we picked up our brand new 2015 Ram 1500 with 5.7 Hemi, 8 speed auto and 3.92 gearing. It is the Big Horn trim, dressed for towing…  It looks good in our driveway!

11755141_10207369490459537_2046281337356751160_n 11698398_10207369491379560_8450404611864743153_n





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