1st Camping Trip!

We bought our camper (Travel Trailer) last month and it was now time to get it out for it’s maiden voyage.  Our plan called for us to head up to Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah.  The morning of June 29th we were getting ready to head out.   The news indicated that HW 204 was narrowed to one lane for construction and with needing to spend a stretch on the Highway, we decided to go to Fort McAlister State Park in Richmond Hill.   The trailer is stored in Richmond Hill so it would be a shorter drive and no Highway.

To make it easier (since we were taking the dogs), we put the 2 little guys in Day Care.   Herbie is mellow and no problem but we figured this would make it easier to hitch up, transport and then set up once we got their.  That part worked out very well.

Anyway, we picked up the trailer and hitched it all up.  Had a minor glitch that was “operator” error and once I figured it out, we were all set.   The truck did ok towing, it was low speed secondary roads but it seemed ok, not sure how well on the highways though and surely not into the higher elevations.   The mirrors were totally inadequate so that would have to be handled before we went out again.

Here we are after getting set up…..

11070379_10207256622957920_8905687170476971876_n 11667521_10207256622637912_8220257271618730361_n


The day started great…   everything went together well and all functions on the trailer were working, especially the air conditioner.  In the afternoon, Lyn got ready to head back and pick up the 2 little guys from day care. She had just left and Herbie went to go inside and stumbled on the stair treads.   Inside, i was at the back and when I turned there was blood on the floor.   I could see it was from his paw and a nail was pointing sideways.   I got him outside and wrapped it, calling Lyn back.  (The other two were at the vets for day care).  Before she returned, I found another claw on the ground.   To make a long story short, the vet said that one claw was ripped out and he pulled the one that was sideways.  Sent back some antibiotic and said he would be fine.

Had hot dogs that night on the grill and the next morning I did breakfast on the grill.  The grill and table came with the camper.

DSC04198 DSC04199

It is 4th of July this weekend and Thu – Sun the campground is full.  We originally booked 2 nights but decided to increase to 3 to include Wednesday night.  Lyn went up right after breakfast on Tuesday to lock in the extra day.

It is a very picturesque area and our site was right off the coastal marsh.   Here are some pictures around the area.

DSC04207 DSC04208 DSC04211 DSC04212-Edit DSC04218 DSC04239 DSC04240 DSC04246

We really enjoyed our 1st trip and made a list of items we need to add to the unit for trash and storage dividers.  Extremely pleased with the trailer and everything worked so well.  We are looking forward to our next trip.

DSC04263 DSC04236 DSC04260-Edit DSC04259

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