Cranman 70th Anniversary

June 21st, we attended a special Brunch at the Plantation Club at the Landings in Savannah.   The day was to honor the 70th Wedding anniversary of Herman and Helen Cranman, Morgans grandparents.  In addition, we honored Helen’s 90th Birthday which was a month earlier.  Here is an old time picture….


Herman served in WWII, in the Army Air Corp.  He was a bombardier and a navigator.  On July 14th, 1944, as a crew member aboard a B-24 Heavy Bomber over Budapest, his plane was shot down by the Germans.  He parachuted safely but after a short time was captured and turned over to the Germans.   This was his 34th Mission and remained a POW for 10 months, in several different camps before being liberated in 1945.

It was very emotional listening to all of their relatives, speak to the values they instilled in their family and loved one.   Here are some of my pictures from that day.

D71_5225 D71_5249D71_5230  D71_5231    D71_5222  D71_5213 D71_5203  D71_5259   D71_5253 D71_5251 D71_5262  D71_5260

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