Minor Fender Bender

We had our 1st camping trip with the new trailer scheduled for Wednesday, June 24th.   We ended up having to postpone it as on Tuesday, Lyn got in an accident.  (She is Fine!)  She was on her way to the hairdressers, and stopped at a light to make a right turn.  A steel truck behind her was not paying attention, thought she was going and began moving and hit her from behind.

There was pretty good damage to the rear of her CR-V and the hatch would not open.   It was drive-able at least.  The driver was all apologetic and admitted fault.  It took a few days to get the police report and get in contact with the insurance (Steel Co’s) and we had it in Saturday the 27th for an estimate.

By Monday, we had the estimate and insurance approval.   They began working on the car immediately.

11406350_10207214514225228_6043153982005118858_o 1911259_10207214514065224_1956421263585908012_o

PS: The Car was finished and picked up on July 8th, as good as new!!

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