End of an Era…

Sounds ominous doesn’t it?   It is not so bad.  After my 3 day Motorcycle camping trip, and sitting out back here, Lyn and I discussed how much camping had been good for us as we spend quality time together.  This was similar to the quality time out in the yard in the mornings.

On the 13th, we went and looked at a travel trailer that our Ridgeline could tow.  We found we liked and as we were talking about it over the weekend, we decided:

A. That we definately were going to get one…
B. It was time to sell both the Miata and Spyder…

This was a hard choice as both vehicles were in excellent shape and paid for.   The problem was that we were not really using either much at all.   The Spyder was Lyn’s and she was just not riding any more.  We decided better to remove the 2 vehicles from the stable and put the money towards a travel trailer.   On the 14th, I put both up for sale on Craigslist and Facebook.

The 2009 Spyder

DSC04195 DSC04194 DSC04193 DSC04192

1995 Mazda Miata




DSC04189 DSC04185 DSC04183 DSC04181


I somewhat expected the Spyder to sell quickly but that was not the case.   We had plenty of inquiries but no serious offers, key word being serious!

On Friday the 19th, a serious inquiry came in, they drove out Sunday and saw it, made an offer and I accepted.  Very nice couple, previous Miata owners and they were really liking it.   I took $200 less than I was hoping but still a fair price.  That was just a week.

The Spyder on the other hand was more difficult.   We received inquiries but mostly lowball offers and/or they wanted me to drive it an hour or more for them to even look.  Once made an offer, when I countered up $200, he said OK if I would bring it FOUR HOURS to him to look at??!!!   Needless to say, you can guess my answer.

After 3 weeks of this, I put an ad on CycleTrader.com and 3 days later had a serious inquiry.  When I contacted the person, she offered me on the phone exactly what I was hoping to get and made arrangements to come see it on the 7th of July.  She loved it,  bought and I drove it up to SC for her as the trailer she bought was too small.

Off to new adventures, though those will be missed as we had good memories.

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