Corner Decor…

Strange Topic I know!

It all revolves around a corner at the end of a hallway.   Lyn wanted something there for “color”.   I had purchased a Flameless Candle with water feature and she went out and finally found a small table she liked.  She set that up on June 2nd and overall we liked it.   I had ordered a 24×24 Canvas of one of my scenic photos which we also placed in that corner…   Voila, Done!!


Not so fast my friends.   I stumbled on this nice little corner bakers rack locally for sale.  Lyn went and looked at it, bought it and brought it home.   We decided the best place to put it was the corner we just decorated!!   It is now June 1oth…   The table etc was only there for a little over a week!!


We moved the table to a corner in the bedroom and Lyn added a vase with silk flowers.   The picture was also moved to the bedroom.   We decided to get a couple smaller canvas prints done with flowers.   We ordered them to place one on either side…



Now, if we just do not find any more deals!!  🙂


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