Fun with Grandkids!!!

We had 2 special days with Jackson and Harper.   Jackson (age 5) has been in Karate a while now and on June 6th, he was testing for his Green Belt.  Scott invited us to join them to watch.  It was really fun watching the entire class “testing” for their various levels and especially Jackson.

The following day, Harper had her Ballet recital.  While we had been to Karate a couple times, this was the 1st time to see Harper (age 4) Dance.  The recital was at the Jelks Auditorium at Savannah Country Day School.  It was a nice show and fun to watch the young kids.  They also had a few older students dancing.

Jack’s Karate

D71_4918 D71_4920 D71_4927 D71_4925D71_4929 D71_4933  D71_4936 D71_4937  D71_4935 D71_4938  D71_4940 D71_4944 D71_4951 D71_4954 D71_4961 D71_4964

D71_4966 D71_4973  D71_4977 D71_4978 D71_4982



Harper’s Ballet

D71_5024 D71_5023 D71_5021 D71_5019     D71_5017 D71_5016 D71_5015 D71_5013D71_5050 D71_5051 D71_5034  D71_5031  D71_5053    D71_5077  D71_5071


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