Motorcycle Travels – Not..

Well, I had a couple trips planned for June that did not materialize.   I was supposed to meet an old friend up in SC.  On the way, I was gonna spend a couple days collecting the last 7 tags I needed for the Grand Tour of GA.  I tried several times to find out where to meet him, never got a response and he never contacted me.   So, I just did not go, shame too as I was really looking forward to seeing him.

Later in June I was supposed to take a ride to Texas for a Memorial.  I tried to get firm info on the event and lodging to no avail, never even got a response to my inquiries so again, trip cancelled.

I also wanted to do a couple days camp on the BMW with the tent and all.   Original plan called for 1st week of June but that was all storms, severe at times and not my idea of great tenting weather.

I stalled until the 11th, then decided to go ahead and venture out.  Here is the bike, all loaded in the garage with gear for 3 days…


I went to the local State Park, Skidaway Island.  It was a very nice place and I had a nice little campsite to setup.  Here is the bike, the site and the table.   I use a jetboil for cooking and meals are freeze dried from Mountain Home.   I have been using them since my Labrador trip in 2009.  It is lightweight and easy for mc camping.

DSC04177 DSC04178-Edit


I also toured the area a bit and took a few extra pictures.  All worked out well, the bike pack was excellent and I had all that I needed.   The result is that this dry run was a success and fun!

DSC04162 DSC04173_HDR

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