May Wrap Up!

Where did May go??  It just seemed to fly by for us.   The weather has been exquisite and we have been doing a lot of grilling and one full day of meat smoking.  We did Cornish Hens (and ate them that day as the kids came over!), beef roast, pork loin roast.  This will generate 6 full dinner meals for us.

I went on a 2 day motorcycle trip for the Grand Tour of GA on the 20th and 21st, then on Sunday the kids were all over and that is when we smoked the meat and ate the Cornish Hens for dinner!!

I also bought myself an early fathers day present, a Grill Pan with 6 removeable plates that can be mixed and matched as I need.


So far it has worked great and is also FUN!   We sit outside in the morning with coffee and I fix breakfast .   We relax and eat on the patio which is good quality time together.  So far I have done:
Ham, Cheese & Onion Omelette with toast…

11201195_10206906999457551_7313553177385882528_n  11167851_10206906999697557_1234142515224653188_n

Pancakes & Bacon
Scrambled Eggs & Sausage

I even made some Pepperoni, Ham, Onion & Pepper Pizza

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Photography wise, I had my Week #21 Theme submitted.  The Theme was “Extreme” and I did an “extreme” HDR processing of a flower…


Here are an assortment of my photo’s in the last half of the month:

20150520_165420 20150521_083534 D71_4349 D71_4382-2 D71_4385-2 D71_4397 DSC04098 DSC04101 DSC04104 DSC04114


The dogs are doing well….  On May 13th, Snuggles went in for some surgery for implants to help his tear ducts for his eyes.  It has just been two weeks and he has a followup tomorrow, hopefully getting an all clear.  He has been severely stressed needing daily drops and wearing a cone. (Cone has been off this week and he is much less stressed) 🙂
Lyn and I both worked the 9th at the Savannah Pet Care and Adoption Fair representing GRRR (Georgia Rescue, Rehab, Relocate).  I have joined them as a volunteer primarily as a computer worker.

Motorcycling, I was able to get in 2 good rides on the F-650, a RTE in Baxley GA and also the Grand Tour 2 day ride.   I miss Roger and RJ’s Motosport in Nashua.  They did all of our work back home.  I just hooked up with Ted of Sport Cycle in Savannah.  My Wing needed fluids, brakes and suspension re-do with 72,000 miles.   The bike was modified by the original owner (to add Traxion) in 2003.  I was going with the Progressive Kit.  Plan was to take the Wing this week for the last leg of the Grand Tour and then meet up with my old friend Richard in SC for a day or 2.   The bike was not ready as the Traxion had machined part of the fork tube and that needed to be replaced (and ordered) so it will not be ready until this week.  I have postponed the GT ride but still could meet Richard on the F-Bike …   but not hearing from him exactly where he will be day after tomorrow, that is not likely going to happen.  Disappointed that I will not get to see him but also understand he is staying with friends and may not have the extra time.

Our “Critter”  –  No,Critter is NOT another pet.  We have a wildlife invader coming in to our yard at night.  1st of May, one feeder was dropped off the shepherds and down the pole, a 2nd off the hook completely and broken. Bird bath tipped over..   We replaced feeder and the next  morning, it was on ground again and broken. frown emoticon

We replaced the feeder again and the next day both were on the ground though not broken.   We started bringing these in and for a couple days all seemed fine and then he dropped the large heavy one again.   He next took down the suet cage and ate part of it, the following day he broke the chain and ate it all!   It was a week before we replaced the suet and in the meantime we brought in the 2 small feeders.  It seemed good and then he dropped the big feeder again.  We finally replaced the suet but were bringing all the feeders in.   No sign of him for a few days, then he took out the Hummingbird Feeder.  He removed it, pulled off one of the caps and consumed all the sugar water.  We are now bringing everything in at night and hoping that after a while (its only been a week and a half) he will migrate to a better feeding area.   If not, we may have to resort to having him trapped.  We are suspecting a raccoon!


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