Grand Tour of Georgia~!

This year, I am participating in what is known as “The Grand Tour of GA”, a scavenger hunt of sorts on my motorcycle to visit (and document) 20 locations around the state of GA.  This year’s theme is Railroads:

“Iron Horse Ramble!”

2015 Grand Tour Of Georgia

hosted by
Team Strange Airheads

to benefit
Eddie James Foundation for Children

“Completed in 1841, the first railroad in Georgia ran between Athens and Augusta.  Although the Georgia Railroad was operated with horse drawn cars until 1847, the Iron Horse quickly reached across the state.  Join us for the 2015 Grand Tour of Georgia and visit 20 bonus locations across the region celebrating the history of railroads in Georgia.

To complete the challenge, which runs from March 14 through November 14, you must document visiting 17 of the 20 locations. Your rider fee ($30 single, $40 two-up) helps support the great work of Eddie’s Road!”

If you’re looking for a great “reason to ride” . . . the 2015 Grand Tour of Georgia should prove a fun adventure.  Plus, it benefits Eddie’s Road!”

The following is from the official rules for the event:

“2015 Grand Tour of Georgia Rules The 2015 Grand Tour of Georgia provides you a great opportunity to see the beautiful state of Georgia. Once you complete online registration via RideMaster ( we’ll mail you the 2015 Grand Tour of Georgia Passport. This is your Passport to some great riding!

In the Passport you’ll find details about 20 checkpoint locations that have been selected for the 2015 Grand Tour of Georgia. To complete this riding adventure you must document visiting 17 of the 20 locations. And, in 2015 there are 3 required bonus locations. So, to complete the 2015 Grand Tour of Georgia you must visit the 3 required locations and at least 14 more (a total of 17 documented checkpoints) of the 20 locations between March 14 th and November 14th. But, you’re welcome to visit all 20 checkpoints!

Again in 2015, checkpoint locations may be visited in any order. Also, this year the hours of operation for some checkpoints vary and access to others requires an admission fee. So, you’ll need to confirm days and times that locations are available when planning your trip(s).

To become a certified 2015 Grand Tour of Georgia Finisher you must submit your Passport along with documentation (e.g., photograph, receipt, etc.) of your 17 or more checkpoint visits. The front of your Grand Tour of Georgia Passport must be visible in all photographs. The date and time of each checkpoint visit must be written legibly on the corresponding page of your Passport. All photographs must be printed in at least the 4 X 6 format.”

To date, I have 13 of the 20 and it is not even June!   I just finished a 2 day trip to southwest GA where I collected 7 tags:


It was 800 miles and a nice scenic ride around many rural areas of GA.  I especially enjoyed the quaint towns that I was able to visit during this trip.  Weather was good, though HOT (90’s both days), and the people I met along the way were very gracious and friendly.  They were all proud of their towns.   Here are the Tag photos from this trip (in the same order as above:

Albany Camilla Fitzgerald Manchester Pineview Plains Roberta


I previously had 6 from 2 other single day trips, 3 with Southern Cruisers and the other 3 were on my way to a RTE in Augusta.

Gordon Jesup Maxeys Sandersville Savannah Waycross

This has been fun so far and I am looking forward to anther 2 day trip in the next month to get the remaining 7 from NW Ga up to Chattanooga TN.

Here is a PDF of the actual passport book:

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