Texas Road Trip VI – The Trip Home!

We departed early Thursday morning to get through the city area before rush hour. Glad that we did too! We found 2 harvest host locations on our trip home. The 1st was the Claire Chennault Military Aviation Museum in Monroe LA and the 2nd was an Alpaca Farm in Stringer MS. Along the way, on Day 1, we visited the Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum and actual drove to the ambush site!

Later we checked in to the Claire Chennault Museum. Went and registered and parked. They had two 30 amp hookups so I went ahead and plugged in. They allowed me to have Maggie inside. This was an excellent little museum. I enjoyed it very much, made a donation and grabbed a couple souvenirs. I can definitely recommend this Harvest Host location.

Friday the 11th, we started off towards the Alapaca Farm, another Harvest Host location… On the way, we crossed the Mississippi River and also Vicksburg! There was nice scenery along the route 18 in MS.

We arrived at the Alapaca Farm. The hosts took us on a tour. Maggie liked the Alapacas, but not so much the Mini Donkeys! 🙂 It rained a bit, and I visited the store. They showed me how the process the hair into yarn etc. I bought a nice Alpaca rug for Maggie!

The next morning, we departed early. Maggie had not been feeling well so I ended up driving the 575 miles to get home that Saturday. Stopped a couple times to rest… Great Trip… But also good to get home…

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