Texas Road Trip II San Marcos

San Marcos was the prime destination. Home of my beloved Lyn, we had been coming here every year. After she passed, I did not come in 2019 but decided I wanted to renew this trip to her home and family.

Randy and Trissy (her cousins) had arranged a little reunion type gathering that would be held in the Campground activity room on the 5th. But that is tomorrow, today they are picking me up and taking me on a little tour. Here is Maggie, waiting on their arrival…

They are building a house out near Canyon Lake. Our 1st stop was a ride out to the property. What a great lot and a view… we walked around the property a bit before heading out…

Next up was lunch… we decided on the Chess Club Cafe in Blanco Texas. They had outdoor seating and a meatloaf plate.

We left here and headed towards Luckenbach Texas. Lunch was great, and on the way we needed to stop for a quick beer at Hillbillyz of Texas in Boerne. Cute little biker bar!

From here, we drove some beautiful country roads to Luckenbach Texas. It was pretty crowded, there was a group of guitar pickers hanging out playing and we had an enjoyable stay!

On the way back home, stopped at Alberts Ice House for a beer (Albert TX) and the then the Devil’s Backbone Tavern in Wimberly TX.

Back at the ranch, we relaxed a bit, then went to dinner to the Italian Garden in San Marcos. Excellent!! Returned to the Van to crash for the night!

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