Months End….

Just a little wrap up to the Month…

Van Service – on the 19th, took it into the dealers (Dodge) for a heater problem. Turns out a bad heater core so it is ordered and will likely get replaced when I get back from my Texas Trip. (Speaking of which, I leave on Monday the 31st.

Also went to the coach dealer and had my fridge thermostat replaced. At the same time was experiencing some cycle issues on the coach AC so had them check that, thought maybe a thermostat but there is a bad board, so they are gonna check on that and order.

Today, 9/28.. we are all going out (Scott, Morgan and the kids) to Myabi’s for birthday dinners. I am also packing and prepping van for the trip. Got propane and fuel this morning, have drained all tanks and need to fill the fresh water tank!

Catch you all down the road….

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