VanVenture Part V Final

Wednesday the 11th, we drove a few hours over to Standish Maine to visit my long time friend Ron Peeling. We go back to 2001 and he rode many an occasion with Lyn and I and we periodically met somewhere for lunch! Ron lost his wife Beth a year before I lost Lyn.

He took me a nice local restaurant and Maggie and I actually slept inside his house. In the morning, when I woke, he had coffee ready and made Maggie and I breakfast before we left!

Leaving Ron’s, we began the trek home. Again, an impromptu lunch meeting. LD rider Ken Aman sent me a text to see my route and met at a Diner in Newburgh NY for lunch. That makes these trips even more fun! After lunch, we made it down to the PA Welcome center where we stopped for the night. The next day, we made out down to a rest area on I-81 where we stopped, maybe 5 hours to get to Kings Mountain NG where we would meet up with Mike “Grizz” Newton and his wife Cindy. We had a real nice visit, Mike took me on a tour of the area and then later he and Cindy took me out to dinner.

Sunday, we had an early departure from Mike’s Drive… Made it home about 10:00 am.. It was a great trip but always great to be home!

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