VanVenture Part III Memorial

This is the primary purpose of this trip, the Rolling Thunder Fallen Members Ride, to honor and remember those New Hampshire members that passed away. I went last year and it was an emotional experience that I cherished as we remembered those who passed, and last year included my beloved Lyn.

This year was no different, I felt love, compassion and brotherhood from everyone. They read the names, rang a bell each time and after members read bios of those who passed. Again, I was able to speak of Lyn. This year, her brick was in place on the Memorial walkway!

After the memorial, we gathered for a group picture and then drove to Longhorn Steak House in Concord NH for lunch. Lots of fun with my Rolling Thunder NH “Family” Thank You! (I spent the night at the Epping Park & Ride before heading for Maine!)

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