Last of the Practice Runs

On August 18th, Maggie and i headed out for a short 4 day camping run. The primary purpose was to set up and and boondock (no hookups) and move and do it again. During this trip, we decided to incorporate 2 Harvest Host stops. The Harvest Host program has over 800 locations in the US where for a nominal annual fee (I paid $64), you can spend the night for free. Locations include farms, wineries, distilleries, museums.

I chose 2 for this trip, both in SC. The 1st was Gypsy Wind Farms. I stayed in the woods on the farm by a duck pond. Visited their farm stand and bought some pork chops and sausage. Also got a tour of the farm and was invited to use their pool.

The 2nd stop was a Harvest Host, Chatooga Belle Farm and Distilley. Beautiful location, I camped overlooking the Orchards, sampled the whiskeys and purchased 2 bottles as gifts along with a steak for me. Had a tour of the distillery the next morning before I left. Very gracious hosts in both locations and I look forward to stay at more…

My last stop was at Hamburg State Park in GA, 1st time there and loved it. Camped right on the lake. 2 nice peaceful days here before we headed hope. All the systems worked as expected. I would schedule a service later for the solar and fridge issues.

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