Xmas Eve

Here is a little something I wrote the morning of Xmas Eve….

Morning Everyone… Xmas eve is here… Have a few last minute things to get done around here before Santa arrives. (NO, NOT shopping!) pick up in the dining area so we can all eat tomorrow, put a way the laundry and finish washing some pillows.

I expect Xmas Eve to be a bit rough… It was always Lyn’s and my time for each other as we tended to make the morning for the kids. We usually did our gift exchange tonight. In counseling, we always talk about “have a plan” for those times we may not do so well (such as my Florida trip over New Years!)

My Plan…. Not let it get me today…. I am going to spend the day being thankful for that which I have, not that which I lost. Oh yes, there is a void, a hole in my heart…. But I am still Blessed

Over 40 years with the best woman I could ask for, today is a day to remember her…. Including many great Xmas memories over the years… Later I will revisit the memories of the photos of Xmas’s Past and remember …

The memories of Scott Leesa Sharon and Joe growing up and the great people they have become… and Xmas’s past..

Memories of my family, Mom, Dad and 2 brothers also gone to Heaven… But oh the times we have had… and of course my 2 sisters who I was blessed to spend time with at Thanksgiving. Also Inman’s, Labelle’s and David, long time friends from Michigan who I also saw at Thanksgiving… These are special people in my Life..

Cannot forget my extended families, the Hydromation Gang in Michigan and my Rolling Thunder Family in NH. Who can forget the love and support from this folks over the years but especially as I traveled that rough road.

I am blessed with the best neighbors anyone could want in Michole and her family… such love and caring for me and Lyn .. and of course my Ham Radio family here, always been here for me too.

I have 3 gifts under the tree… one form Sharon’s Family (already opened the one from Joe & Leesa’s family) and 2 from a longtime close friend… I think I will try and open them tonight to fill that void of our previous Xmas Eve exchanges….

and last… Surely not least…. I am blessed to be near Scott & Morgan and their children. I likely would not have a tree had they not come out to help me decorate (as we did with Lyn) and so lucky to get to spend Xmas day with them … watch the kids open gifts and share a Xmas meal that Morgan is preparing.

So to sum up this long winded spewing of words… Yes, I am hurting bad… my heart is broken but God has blessed me with so much that I need to remember and be thankful for… Including my life and Memories with Lyn.

So…  How did this work out???   I had my moments but it went well…   I played some Radio and got confirmed SC on a Digital Mode.  It was the last one I needed for 2 more Worked All States Endorsements!

Later I opened a gift from Sharon and her family, a beautiful Memorial Wind Chime. The words on the memorial feather are so appropriate.. Thanks to Sharon, Rick, korey, Alissa and Ashley. Lyn loved sitting in the yard and we both enjoyed the wind chimes (3 different sets) that we had in the yard…  Every Chime will remind me that Lyn is with me..

That evening I opened a gift from a friend, a dome to house the Ornament Scott and Family got me so that it is protected and can stay on display all year…

I spent the rest of the evening looking at old photos of Xmas’s Past and remembering..

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    Thank you so much for sharing from your precious heart space !

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