Photography Update

I am still staying reasonably active with my photography…   still love the refuge and doing wildlife and nature (includes floral, scenic) and I try and participate on the weekly challenge on the Nikon Forum.  I am also doing video with the drones and able to extract still images from the video.



Contest Themes

Patterns                                             Reflection

       Lone Tree                                      Abstract

My Favorite Shot that I took in October

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4 Responses to Photography Update

  1. says:

    Wowsy my Brother!! You’re Amazing…, thanks for sharing. I have banned Facebook since they’ve been censoring some of my favorite peps.
    Just went Live today with a vacation rental down here that Sara,Nate, Jimmie and Dee purchased…,

    I’m managing it, so if you run across anyone wanting to vacation down here, I’ll swing them a deal! 😄

  2. Lil sister says:

    You do take beautiful pictures Brother. Very impressive!

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