I have decided to do some more Education!  I am a firm believer that one must try and keep the brain active.  To that end. I have started two new projects…

  1.  Video Editing – I have been using Microsoft Movie Maker and decided I wanted some more features and a better package.   After considerable research, I settled on Davinci Resolve which is a FULL featured package but also will take a lot of study to get familiar with.  It will be worth it
  2. Drone Certification – For Commercial flying you are required to be FAA Certified to Part 107 of the code.  I have enrolled (as of this morning) in an online course to prepare me for the Certification Exam.  I researched this extensively and ended up going with Drone Launch Academy.  My friend Chad used them for his Certification and he runs an AV business and does a lot of Drone work.
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