Georgia SET

October 5th was the GA SET (Simulated Emergency Test), a statewide drill.   This was an ARES event statewide and also involved the GA Hospital Association.   I operated from Memorial Hospital in Savannah.

This involved a Simulated Emergency and our ability to complete tasks and pass traffic as assigned.  We monitored the GHA911 WebEOC, DStar Reflectors and HF Bands.  The Simulation began at 9am and ran until 3:00pm.  I arrive at 7:00am to get the radio room set up and ready to go.  I was joined at 8:00 by George N3ZKV who was assigned to assist me at my location.

It was a good event, provide plenty of practice on the radio and sending digital forms.   We did good but also developed a list of tasks that we could do better.  In my iopinion, the SET was a success.

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