NH Trip!

On September 5th me and Maggie began a road trip to NH.   The main purpose was a Rolling Thunder NH Memorial for fallen members…   which unfortunately, this year would include my wife Lyn.   Prep for the trip included a camper bed setup in the back of the truck and getting things ready for Maggie.  She has never traveled this far before…   I set up Snuggles Crate and got her used to it a few days ahead…   She also got a New Haircut!

We departed on the 5th and drove up into VA where we stopped and camped at a KOA for the night…

The next night, we made it to Southington CT.  Stayed at a Motel 6 that Lyn and I often stopped at when we traveled by Motorcycle.   There were severe thunderstorm warnings so we decided this was more prudent than camping.  It came down right as we arrived!

Friday the 7th, we headed on up to NH and as we were early, we had planned to make a few stops.  1st up, Denny’s in Nashua.   This is where Lyn worked for 20 years.  I used to know everyone there, today only 1 girl, disappointing…    Next stop, Greely Park.  Lyn and I often had lunch here.   Maggie and I hung out here until time to go to Tech where I worked.  Lot of great memories here at the park.   My work was great, hung out in the picnic area and a whole lot of folks came out to say hi and some even joined me for lunch.  From here, I headed towards Salem and our Motel but stopped at the old neighborhood on the way.  Saw the old house (white fence and dish major changes) and also ran into and visited with 2 neighbors…    Nice, glad I made this side trip!  (Pictures are Greely Park and the old house…

Off to the motel…..  the Next morning we headed up to Londonderry where we met Richie for breakfast at the Red Arrow Diner.   Nice 2 hour visit, then off to Lake Massabesic, another regular stop for Lyn and I…   We hung out here until it was time to meet Dennis and Susan for lunch.

We met up the street at Goldenrod (Seafood) and they had their dog, so we decided to do takeout and picnic back at Massabesic.  We had a great visit, spent another 2 hours and the dogs had fun too!!   We said our goodbyes and then back to the room for the night.  I had ordered a LARGE steak & cheese sub from Romanos last night and ate the other half of it tonight.

Sunday was the big day, The Rolling Thunder NH1 Memorial for it’s Fallen Members.  Janice came by on her motorcycle and met me at the Motel.   I had checked out as I would be departing after the event.   We visited a bit and then headed up to Boscawen NH and met another couple and Dunkin Donuts.  We met up with the others at the Veterans Cemetery and it was so great to see everyone, lots of new faces but many of the old group.  I really felt the Love and Support.

You can see one of the ladies in the center with Maggie, she kept her for the entire event which allowed me to really focus on the event.  There were only 2 of us who had lost loved ones in attendance, Marsha is sitting with me on the bench to the left.

They did a beautiful job on the ceremony…   They read each name, at the reading, a bell was rung once then a  member representing that person read a short Bio and placed a flower at the monument.

It was a well done, very moving ceremony and I was honored to be there to represent Lyn.  Here are a few more shots with me in them.

After the event, we headed to Concord NH for lunch and then Maggie and I began the trek home.  We arrived home mid day on Tuesday.

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