Photo Awards

The Nikonites Forum (for Nikon users but all are welcome…) has a Weekly Challenge.   The photo MUST be taken during that week so you get the topic and have to go out and get the shot!!

I do not enter every week, it depends on the topic and my time (and ability to think of and get to a shot)

I have done reasonably well with the last 4 that I entered out of about 8 weeks.  I have 2 wins, a second and the 4th did not place.  (Not a surprise as I was not that excited over it either…

Here they are….

Theme “Flower” – 1st Place


Theme “Old Building Structure” – 2nd Place


Theme “Scenery” – Did Not Place


Theme “Macro” – 1st Place

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2 Responses to Photo Awards

  1. little-er sis says:

    wow those are amazing. You having a camera around your neck is a memory that i have of you while i was growing up. hehe. you do have a talent! great job!

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