Worked All States

Worked All States (WAS) is an ARRL Ham radio award fro making a “confirmed” contact with someone in all 50 states.   I recently just got my 1st WAS as Mixed, meaning any mode and any band.  A couple weeks back when I raised my antenna, I landed Hawaii and Nevada to finish it.   I received the Certificate last week.

I am presently working on 3 more versions and very close to nabbing them.

Digital – Any digital mode on any band counts…   I actually just got this complete a couple days ago but have not submitted yet.  I will likely wait until I get all 3.

FT8 – This is a Specific Digital mode and all contacts must be FT8 but can be on any band.   I only need the state of Maine to earn this.  (Made 3 recent Maine contacts but they have to be officially confirmed and these have not.

20 m – Contacts for all 50 states must be on the 20 meter band, can be any mode, digital, voice, cw etc.  I am only missing 3 states (confirmed) for this, AZ, NE and SC.

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