New Radio “Stuff”

I recently added 2 items to my Ham Radio Gear.   1st up is a “Hotspot”, it is like my own personal repeater for several Digital modes.  With this, I can tap into DStar or DMR talk groups using a hand held radio and talk around the world.   I have 2 of them now, one I built is only DStar and the 2nd is a multimode similar to the new one.  The new one offers small size, built in wifi and accessible online Dashboard for control.  It is also only Half the price of the others.   It is call a ZumSpot and I bought a kit…   The last photo shows all 3 together…

Took me a few hours to program the device and then a bit more time to program the radios to work with it.  Then to make it more complex, I picked up another Radio, a used Kenwood D74A dual band with DStar.   I then had to program it for all 3 devices..


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