Medical Procedure…

We have been searching for what caused my Hemoglobin to drop so low (I STILL say stress and lousy diet worrying about and caring for Lyn).  Anyway, to bring everyone up to date.  They found low iron (as in ZERO) so released me and put me on iron pills..    Numbers were slowly climbing and then took a dip which concerned both me and the Dr.  A stool sample indicated blood so we scheduled a Colonoscopy.   In speaking with that Dr, he indicated the last one I had showed a couple enlarged blood vessels which “may” be the culprit.

Prior, we did another blood screening and it was great…  all numbers good or improved including kidney function and Hemoglobin was the highest in over a year!  GOOD News!

Then, on the 17th, I had the colonoscopy done and the results were again good!!  No Cancer, No Polyps and he saw an enlarged blood vessel (not bleeding) which he repaired…

All is good though we will continue to monitor blood ….

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