Cooking Wars!

Well, they are not really wars, just me getting back into cooking better meals for me and my health.   This has involved the new toaster oven, Air Fryer and the slow cooker…    So far I have done good and overall pleased…

These are some of my stuff from the air fryer…  chicken, fries & fish & chips!

I have made a couple meals in the slow cooker…   a Pot Roast and a Pork loin wrapped in bacon..

I also got back into smoking meat…    Got the smoker all cleaned up and did a brisket, boston butt for pulled pork and and also through on a steak & 2 chicken breasts to complete the cook.   I must admit, I enjoyed this and so far the pork, steak and chicken have  been delicious.  Need to try the brisket next.

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