4th of July

The 4th was tough at times for me this year.   Though we did not usually go to Fireworks, we were usually  home together with me cooking on the Grill…     First 4th of July with  me being without her…   (tears as I type this too).   To top that off, I received back the memory book from the funeral home on the 3rd.   Joe had it to handle the “Thank You’s” which I greatly appreciated …   It was an emotional moment when I opened that..

Maggie and I headed out early and visited Lyn at the cemetery..     it was a nice visit and I talked to her quite a bit…   then Maggie and I visited the dog park which is close by.

Later in the day, I went over to Scott and Morgan’s house for Low Country Boil Dinner along with her parents and her sisters family.   It was nice family time that I enjoyed.

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