13 Colonies

Each year (10 years now) there is a radio event called “The 13 Colonies” Special Event.   Each of the Original 13 Colonies (NH, NY, CT, DE, NJ, NC, SC, MD, VA, GA, RI, MA, PA) has operators broadcasting throughout 4th of July Week.   This was my 3rd year of participating, in 2016 I got a “Clean Sweep”, all 13 along with 1 of the 2 bonus stations (Philly and England).   Last year, I again got all 13 for the “Clean Sweep” but this time got Both of the Bonus stations..

This year, I again got the “Clean Sweep” and both bonus stations.  It took me until the 3rd to get NC, it was the tough one for me.  Now I need to do the paperwork and send it in…

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