Reclaiming Real Estate

Well, that is what I call it anyway.   It refers to me getting organized, decluttered and re-arranging space so it is usable for me.   I was overwhelmed by all that needed to be done and just could not figure out how to get it all going at once.  Earlier this month, I set back and realized I needed to just focus on one thing at a time, and that seemed to allow me to focus.

1st areas, front bedroom closet…   I needed the space and needed to clean out paperwork and re-locate the safe.   2nd would be the medical supplies stashed in the bedroom, dining room and living room.  Lastly, we would recover the kitchen area, counter, cupboards and then the Pantry.

It actually went well once I had broken it down into chunks that I could handle.   The front closet went fairly quickly, took me longer to go through all the paperwork.   I followed that with the med supplies in the bedroom, throwing most of it out but keeping normal usage gauze, tape and wound ointments.   I put the keepers in a drawer.  Also cleaned off the dresser top and put all the Stuffed Bears back on display.

I did a couple other areas, sort of out of order, but only because I entered them.  Desk in Dining Room, had to pay some bills and went to look for checks…   decided to clean and organize!  DONE!   I was looking for something in a kitchen drawer, it was a mess..   Fixed!  DONE

I then got all the med stuff done, dining area done and ready for the kitchen.   One thing I realized, I needed to make things simple for me to cook..   so I decided to get a Toaster Oven, Air Fryer and a small griddle.  I had a large griddle that I gave to Scott, and gave the Ninja to Katie who helps with housecleaning.   I re-arranged completely the counters and the Bakers Rack.  All of the unused appliances can be on the Bakers rack, close by and easy to find plus frees up counter space.   I went through all the cookbooks and gave away most, only keeping what I felt I would use.   Lastly, I tackled the Pantry…   I threw out so much, moved stuff to cupboards that I freed up and re-organized it off.   The transition was complete on  June 24th.   I was actually very pleased with the transformation and have enjoyed working in the kitchen.



I have been pleased with the new appliances also…  especially the Air Fryer…


I have made pancakes on the griddle, fish & chips, chicken legs, fries, chili dogs, steaks and fish sticks in the air fryer.   Toast, baked chicken in the toaster oven


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