MATF – Atlanta

MATF = Mutual Aid Task Force

This is a quarterly meeting of all the representatives involved in the various Hospital Regions in GA.   I am affiliated with Region J which includes Memorial Hospital in Savannah, which is where I operate from.   I recently attended a Region J meeting and also participated in the Region J Simulated Emergency Exercise.

This meeting meeting includes seminars throughout the day and is attended by people from the Regions, the State EMA, the GHA (GA Hospital Assoc) and many emergency management personnel.

I left home “early” in the morning, met Steve (EC Chatham Co.) my superior in the Hospital and ARES Radio group, in the town of Dublin.   We then drove to Forsyth, just outside Atlanta.  The even was held at the GA Public Safety Training Center.   It was educational, informative and I felt worth attending.  We adjourned at 2:30 and I then drove home.   A long day start to end but I enjoyed it.

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