Father’s Day

Had a very nice Fathers day… it was my 1st without Lyn and I was a little down about that. Scott called early and invited me to lunch at the Crab Shack down to Tybee. I went early, scouted out the meeting place for my meet up with a friend for a boat trip. Also stopped and visited Lyn at the grave site. That was emotional (as expected) but it was good for me… I spent a bit of time just talking to her…. My Daughter Sharon called me while I was driving and we had a nice phone visit! Thanks Sharon McGhie Kwolek!

On to the Crab Shack for lunch where I was joined by Scott, Morgan and the kids along with Morgan’s parents David and Lynn. We had a really nice meal and some great company. Nice to spend some time with David and Lynn. This really made my Father’s Day good… I was glad I did not have to spend it alone.

As we were leaving, Scott gave me my Fathers Day gift… a nice Air Fryer. Thank you Scott McGhie & Morgan Reeves McGhie. I got home, checked it out and later made fish & chips from frozen “stuff”. Easy and came out good!!

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