RTE Forkesville PA

This is the 2nd RTE this month….     I drove the Jeep and departed May 18th, a Friday.   I drove to Harrisburg where I stayed for the night.  My friend, Bruce Gary, from NH met me here and spent some time together at dinner.    The drive up was all rain, and between that and stopping as I was tired, it took me 13 1/2 hours to get there.

Saturday morning, it was raining hard and we got up and grabbed a quick breakfast.  I headed on to Forkesville while Bruce went to get a couple Tour of Honor Sites.  Upon arrival, Rob and Sal were already there on the porch.   I joined them and we “kicked the tires” as we waited for the others to arrive.  There was only 8 due to timing and also some for the rain.  We had a great time and a great lunch!    I departed and drove to Carlisle PA to stop for the night, about 4 hours out.

I had trouble sleeping so got up quite early and hit the road for home.  I hit very heavy fog early and then clear until approaching SC where the rains began again.   It was an 11 1/2 day when I arrived home…

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