Flowers For Lyn!

Every year, Lyn brought flowers in for our Screen Room.  She loved flowers and enjoyed the color it added.   This year, I brought them in for her.   I got 3 sets for the Plant hanger and 2 more to set around the room.  If I choose, I have 2 more plant stands that I can add more down the road.   I hope she is looking down on me and the screen room and smiling at what we did….

In addition, the flowers in the back yard plants have started blooming, unfortunately Lyn never got a chance to see them.  I can only hope she looks down at the yard she loved and helped create and smile at the beauty…  Here are a few of them in the yard…



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3 Responses to Flowers For Lyn!

  1. Patty says:

    Very beautiful. Sending much Love!

  2. April says:

    beautiful flowers!! good job Pat!

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