My Heart/Blood?

While Lyn has been in the hospital, I have been fighting shortness of breath and chest pains.  I scheduled a visit with my Dr and EKG and chest X rays were ok.   He referred me to my cardiologist who confirmed EKG was good.  It was clear to both that I still have a leaking valve.  My Cardiologist would have to do a Heart Catheterization before we addressed the valve later in the year.   He suggested we do it now, as he could check the valve, the heart and also check for any artery blockage and if warranted, put a stent in at that time.  It would be a one day in & out unless he put a stent in at which point they would keep me over night.

I had to check in a 6am on April 9th for the 8am procedure.  They got me prepped and just before things were to commence, the Dr came in and explained that he could not do the procedure.   My Hemoglobin was down to 5 (should have been near 13) and they needed to keep me.  They gave me 2 units of blood and my numbers were rising.  They kept me overnight and do to Lyn’s situation, I indicated I would stay through Tuesday but had to be released by Tuesday evening.

They had done a sample which was negative for blood in the stool and Tuesday morning they got me in for an early EGD (Upper GI with a scope).  This was also negative, they were looking for where I may have lost blood.  Later, the Hospital Dr indicated I had ZERO Iron and they may have hindered my body’s ability to produce red blood cells.  He suspected that with iron, my marrow would resume production.  They gave me another unit of blood and a unit of iron, along with a prescription for iron pills.  When I was released, I had risen from a 5 to and 8..   (1 point for each blood unit)   I wass to follow up with my Dr to check my blood to assure it was increasing.

Released on the 10th, I saw my Dr on the 13th, 18th and 25th, with numbers of 8.6, 9.8 and 10.5.  We were both Happy!!   I will return again on May 7th and at that time hope to discuss what we are doing going forward but at this point, all is trending well!

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