My Heart Procedure

Ok, back to me!   It sucks to get old.   Since Lyn has been in the hospital, I have been have more trouble with chest pains and shortness of breath.  Very typical of artery issues and we know I have a valve issue.  On March 26th, I sent a text to Dr Ken Griffin (primary) indicating I should see him.   5 minutes later, he called and said “come in Now”.

Everything checked ok, EKG, Chest XRay etc.   He suggested I follow up with the cardiologist and to speed that up, sent a referral.   I got a Wednesday appt and all things checked out good again.   Stress etc can be a big factor and Dr Spellman said we really should do a Heart Catheterization to find out all the issues and we needed that anyway for the valve.  If needed, and possible at the time, he could stent and artery if he finds an issue.

We have scheduled it for Monday March 9th so I am there for Lyn’s procedure before I go in.

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