Kids Arrive

Joe & Leesa both arrived today (March 9th) to spend a few days with their mother.   Lyn was looking forward to the visit.   Joe arrived 1st (from MI) and later went and picked Leesa (Texas) up from the airport.  Lyn went for a ride with Joe to the airport and surprised Leesa (and enjoyed it herself).  It was nice to see her get out!

On Saturday, they took her shopping to the mall and she spent several hours out and about.  She bought some new clothes, 1st in a long time and tried them on when she got home.  She was tired and took a nap after that..   But it was a good tired!

Sunday (March  11th) the kids came by for a visit and then headed out about an hour West of us to look at a dog.  Joe was buying a French Bulldog pup!  The pup would stay with us until he headed home tomorrow.   When they got back with “Lucy”, all things would change as Lyn became very sick, throwing up continuous and becoming disoriented.  I ended up taking her into the ER and the kids ended up extending their stays (Joe until Tuesday and Leesa until Thursday).   It was nice having them here but it sure dampened their visit time with Lyn.

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