Dr’s Followups

Tuesday the 6th we saw Dr Mark at Oncology.  We had expected worse so the visit was not that negative.           We all agree surgery is almost assuredly out (though the Dr is calling the surgeon). We discussed option to radiate the nodes at the bile ducts. That may help in many areas of length and quality and we meet with the Radiation Oncology Dr tomorrow.Possible future chemo discussed though Mark is still investigating (it would be more for holding stomach at bay hence not as strong as before. We also had blood work done for the Gastro Dr and we see him Thursday. We will be discussing the current drain vs internal drain vs any other options.   The hope long term is radiation may clear the blocked tubes and negate the need for a drain.

The 2nd aspect is the issue of vomiting and weight loss… Dr thinks it is all mechanical because of the cancer and she is just not processing solids. We are looking at a liquid diet to see if that helps.

Wed March 7th we met Dr John Pablo, head of Radiation Oncology.   We really liked him and he layed out a plan for radiation that we approved.   In addition to targeting the nodes blocking the bile ducts, he would also radiate the main tumor in hopes of shrinkage so that she might be able to eat.  He indicated the food was just laying on top.  The Simulation would be the following Monday and treatments would start within 2 weeks.

Thursday was the last visit with her Dr’s.   We met with Dr Borak (Gastro) and discussed the bile drain and liver status.  Dr is pleased with how drain is working and liver numbers are improving. We decided NOT to replace with an internal as we have better control this way and he wants to see what the radiation does to maybe “fix” this. We go back in 3 weeks (after start of radiation).

Friday the 9th, we finished the week with my Cardiologist Followup.   Dr Spellman said everything looked good, EKG, rate etc… still have the murmur and the valve will still be an issue but not something that will be needed to replace now, down the road yes… He does not want to see more now for 3 months!!!   I take that as a good sign!


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